Bring your girlfriend to work day

Image by the always fantastic Stuart F Taylor

This fabulous erotic fiction piece in which Kim’s girlfriend surprises her at work is written and read by Lou Kane and originally appeared on his website. Note that this story contains the use of ‘Daddy’ as an honorific – all characters are consenting adults. 

Cara ducked beneath the half-open garage door, eyes adjusting to the brightly lit space after the rainy darkness outside. Her girlfriend Kim had worked at this garage for a couple years, but Cara had only visited a handful of times since they’d started dating. She loved walking in on Kim working; something about how dirty she got really did it for Cara. Right now though, the garage looked empty.

“Kim?” Cara called, voice echoing under high ceilings.

“In back!”

Cara followed Kim’s voice, winding through the small garage, cars in various states of distress and shining tools lining the walls. It was a place that made you want to touch. Cara held on tightly to the sack lunch she’d made for Kim.

The sound of running water greeted Cara as she stepped into the back room. The cramped space was splattered with grease but housed a mini fridge and sink as well as a metal desk and chair that took up the majority of the floor. And a sink that currently held her girlfriend’s attention. Not for long. Kim shut off the water, flashing Cara a quick grin that went straight to her stomach as she roughly dried her hands on a pastel pink hand towel that Cara found rather delightful in this setting.

Setting down the sack lunch on the desk, Cara took in Kim’s short ruffled hair and sturdy black jumpsuit that hid the stains from working on cars all day. She always changed before leaving work, so Cara rarely got to admire it. She’s forgotten the way it hugged Kim’s waist, flattened her tits. And the silver zipper that ran all the way down to where her thighs met… Cara’s mouth watered.

“Hey perv, you done?”

Cara startled, cheeks pinking at being caught. Kim was laughing by the time she’d brought her gaze upward, she could only join in before saying, “Sorry.”

“No need to apologize,” said Kim, smile hardening as her gaze grew heated. She grabbed the zipper resting against her neck. “Lucky you, I’m the only one in the shop today and my next appointment isn’t for another thirty minutes.”

Kim dragged the zipper down past her tits, navel, hips, leaving Cara hungry in its silver wake. She stole a quick backwards glance at the empty-for-now shop before returning to the sight hungrily of Kim’s thin white t-shirt. A hint of Kim’s black underwear caught Cara’s attention and she sucked in a breath through her teeth.

“Are you sure—”

“Come here,” Kim said, voice taking on that specific tenor it had whenever she stepped into Daddy mode. Cara felt the answering pull in her cunt as she crossed the small office, stopping directly in front of Kim. She could see the slightest smudge of grease along her neck.

“You were such a good girl, bringing Daddy lunch. You like to do nice things for me, don’t you, pretty thing?” Kim grabbed Cara’s hand, guiding it inside her underwear so that Cara could feel her wetness. Cara groaned, but forced her hand still. She wasn’t allowed to move without being told. Kim smiled, slow and easy, and said: “Does that feel good?”

Cara nodded, mouth dry as she pulsed with desire. If Kim stuck a hand down her jeans, they’d find her just as wet. Instead, Kim pushed down on the back of her hand, groaning as together they pressed against her cunt.

“Just like that, sweet thing,” Kim said, guiding Cara’s hand against her clit in a steady rhythm that turned her breathing into pants. “Don’t stop until I say so.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Cara said, focused on maintaining tempo as Kim brought a finger to her mouth.


Cara opened her mouth wide enough for a finger to slide between her lips. Kim pressed down, holding Cara’s tongue in place before adding a second finger.

“Don’t move.”

Cara’s mouth was a perfect O even as spit gathered at the corners and more fingers were roughly pushed against her lips, teeth, tongue. It wasn’t long before Kim slid a third finger into her mouth, curling them against the back of her teeth to pull her forward. Cara choked out a cry but stayed on her feet, hand still circling Kim’s clit while her mind circled just how badly she wanted to suck.

Kim leaned forward, fingers working steadily as she brought her lips to Cara’s ear. “See the thing is… we both know why you really brought me lunch. You thought if you were extra good and brought Daddy lunch, that you’d get fucked. Isn’t that right?”

Kim laughed low and full-throated at Cara’s embarrassed attempted nod

“Oh, mouth full?” Kim stuck another finger between Cara’s lips, sliding all four of them down to the last knuckle before pulling them out again. Cara whined, spit dripping from the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Her jaw ached, but she forced her mouth open wider.

“Don’t lose focus now,” Kim said, voice dangerous in Cara’s ear. “Not when you’re so close to getting Daddy off.”

Cara hadn’t realized her hand had stopped moving. With a cry muffled by the fingers filling her mouth, she pressed against Kim’s cunt and was rewarded with a groan. She did it again and again, in time with the fingers fucking her mouth, enraptured with the circle they created.

“Fuck,” Kim said, the bit-off swear ratcheting up their shared desire. Kim pumped her fingers faster, Cara matching her rhythm until finally – finally – she came. Kim’s body shuddered as she pulled Cara in close, fingers seeking purchase in the hole of her mouth. Cara didn’t dare stop moving until Kim freed herself, carelessly wiping spit across Cara’s cheeks.

Heavy-lidded, she stared up at Kim. Her cunt was pounding, her only thought about guiding Kim’s fingers inside her slick. Kim seemed to get the message, mouth curling as she grabbed at Cara’s zipper.


“Oh shit,” Kim said, laughing as her hand paused on the waistband of Cara’s jeans. “Guess he’s early.”

Cara groaned, burying her head in Kim’s chest. “I hate everything.”

Kim’s grin turned devilish as she placed a kiss on Cara’s cheek, zipping herself back into her jumpsuit.

“Promise not to take matters into your own hands before I come over, and I’ll make sure to thank you properly.”


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