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Quenby is a queer writer, activist, and embodiment of creative chaos. Their work explores gender, alternative sexuality, and queer identity through their unique storytelling style. You can find them on social media @quenbycreatives or check out more of their content at

Cock worship and cumsluttery

This gorgeous cock worship erotica – which includes themes of degradation – is written and read by Quenby, and originally appeared on their blog. 

Cock worship and cumsluttery

As soon as we step through the door our hands are on each other. Pulling off clothes, touching and feeling, our hands made clumsy with lust. He grabs my throat and pins me against the wall, I squeak in surprise, then blush as he chuckles at my reaction. Our mouths meet in a filthy kiss, all open mouths and tongues, hunger and arousal. I melt against his body, surrendering myself to his control.