Weaponised want – public play in the fet club

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This delightful BDSM story about public play in a fet club is written and read by Quenby, and the original version first appeared on their website. 

As we walk into the club I feel a dozen eyes follow us as across the room. It must be said, we make quite a striking pair. My bulky frame is wrapped in a lacy black thong and matching chemise, thick black eyeliner and lipstick decorate my face. And a simple collar marks me as my boyfriends fuck toy for the evening.

Holding the leash, and leading me through the crowd, ze strikes an exquisite contrast. Hir slight frame is dressed in a binder and strap-on harness. While every inch of my outfit is designed to look filthy and depraved, hir clothes are practical, a touch of pink lipstick the only concession to makeup. While I am dressed up as hir pretty slut, ze looks effortlessly handsome in casual underwear.

I’m eager to go through to the playroom, I’ve been edged already today and my cock is staining my panties in precum. But instead sir leads us to a lounge area to meet our friends. As ze sits in an armchair I kneel obediently at hir feet. Ze thrusts hir fingers into my pliant mouth and I suck obediently. After half a minute of this ze pulls out, wiping drool over my cheeks, and spitting in my mouth. Sadistic glee flashes across hir face at the humiliation in my eyes. With a tug at the leash I’m pulled forward into hir lap, I look up at hir as ze feeds me hir packer. I eagerly suck at the soft rubber in my mouth.

I remain on my knees for what seems like eternity, alternating between sucking sir’s cock and being humiliated in a range of sadistic ways. Friends join us, they know not to address me directly when I’m in this role. Instead they show affection in ways approved of by sir. Hands stroke my hair as I suck hir cock. Others pull my head back to use my mouth, violating my obedient orifice with fingers, tongues, and spit. Occasionally sir will make me bend over and show the fat steel plug stretching my hungry ass. When ze does that our friends like to make a competition of it. Seeing who can elicit the most humiliatingly filthy moans from me as they tease my ass with tongues and spit while they watch my hole grip desperately at the plug as they fuck it back and forth in me. Twice more sir teases my cock, taking me to the edge then giggling at the desperate noises I make as ze leaves me achingly hard and needy.

Finally ze takes me through to the play room. “Is there anything you want slut?

Plllleeeeeeeease fuck me sir!” I know ze will use my neediness to humiliate me further, but I’m beyond caring.

Grinning, ze changes out the packer for a thick cock, then lies on hir back:

“Come position yourself over me then.”

Obediently, I come and kneel over the cock, ze pulls out my plug and makes me wait as ze rubs lube over the cock. My ass twitches in anticipation, I’m so desperate to be filled by sir.

“Press down on the cock, but don’t you dare take more than the head in you.”

I rub the cock against my hungry ass, close to tears from the desperate need to be filled. My boyfriend can be such a fucking sadist, making me complicit in my own torment like this. Ze doesn’t need whips and chains to torture me, instead ze can take my own desire and twist it into a weapon to use against me. Ze’s grinning up at me, drinking in my desperate little mewls and the tears swelling in my eyes. Finally, without warning, ze thrusts up into me. I throw back my head and moan at the sudden sensation of fullness. Ze gives me a moment to adjust, then begins vigorously fucking me. Our bodies move in harmony, filthy wet sounds mingle with guttural moans and the fleshy sound of our bellies slapping together. Until finally I collapse forward onto my forearms, too tired to bounce on hir cock anymore.

Ze leans up and gently kisses me, still buried inside my ass. Ze is once more my tender boyfriend again, as ze pulls out of me and wraps me in a hug, whispering in my ear:

“I love you Quenby.”


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