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The Gentle Domme, Miss Vivian if she’s feeling friendly, is a writer, online dominatrix and joyful purveyor of audiosmut. You can read her articles and femdom erotica at The Gentle Domme, listen to her take on a variety of femdom related topics at The Gentle Dommecast, or talk naughty with her and listen to her other kinky audios on Niteflirt. All of her trillion links can be found here.

Before the slap – faceslapping audio

This glorious faceslapping femdom piece is written and read by The Gentle Domme

I’m kissing you. Maybe mauling is the better choice of words, since I kiss like bites, sometimes having to hold myself back from nibbling too hard on your pretty pink lips in the excitement of desiring more.


You’re my pile of riches – how it feels when you submit

This delicious audio about how it feels when you submit is written and read by The Gentle Domme

That’s right, pet. Down on your knees for me now, the weight of your body bearing down on hard wood. Supplication. Dedication. Instruction. We both know it’s where you belong. Don’t we? You down there, staring up at me with those wide-eyed puppy dog eyes just begging to serve.


Making a mess – come in your pants

This delicious audio about making you come in your pants is written and read by The Gentle Domme

So, I have kind of a weird turn on. Do you want to hear about it? I know. I know. What does weird mean? Some people get off on sitting on balloons until they pop. Some people like getting stapled for fun. This is much quieter. And much less bloody.