On the sexiest underwear for men

Image by the lovely Stuart F Taylor

Guy’s pants can be stunningly beautiful – the perfect fabric will cling and cup your junk, clearly and delicately outlining every single curve of your cock. The perfect underwear will hold you in a snug embrace, lifting and pushing you forward, as if your genitals are being presented just ready for me to reach for. There’s a reason they call it a ‘package’.

My favourite pants are these ones – the ‘package’ style. Jersey-fabric shorts which display and present you in a way that makes me want to reach out and cup you too.

Loose cotton boxers and a guy I begged to touch

As a youngster, I’d see adverts for men in Calvin Kleins, and wish my partner at the time could afford CKs. So perfect were the images, and so beautiful the crotches of the men, that I mistakenly believed that this effect was only possible with tailored, designer pants. Ones that were made especially for each guy, and probably cost more than the rest of his wardrobe put together.

He was beautiful – my first boyfriend. And he wore what I thought were the best available pants at the time. Those loose cotton boxers that, back in the early noughties, came in three standard types: plain, striped or (if they’d been bought between October-December) covered in comedy pictures of reindeer.

They had their own particular beauty – loose-fitting and usually even looser after a few washes, they’d hang off his hips as if they’d fall down at any moment. As an added bonus, the fabric stretching from hip to stomach would highlight that beautiful dip in his skin just next to his hipbone. A dip perfect for running my fingers down. Perfect for sliding my hand inside when I went to remove his boxers, Perfect for him to tuck his aching erection behind in public, to avoid drawing attention to it.

If you’d asked me at the time what the sexiest underwear for men was, I’d have said loose cotton boxers. I’d have been wrong.

Tight jersey boxer shorts and unthinking hotness

When, later, I moved on to those amazing tight jersey pants (or, more accurately, I started dating a guy who wore them) it clicked that Calvins weren’t just for the super-rich, and in fact any man could own a pair. This revelation knocked me for six, as I spent at least a week struggling to chat to any guy without imagining him slowly dropping his trousers to reveal that perfectly presented pant-wrapped package.

Slowly, mind.

Unbuckling belts, pulling them inch by inch through belt loops, undoing one button at a time (button fly jeans are sexier than zips and I have no idea why that is the case) and then gradually opening the front to reveal the underwear that conceals hardly anything.


When I sat at my laptop today I aimed to write a post that mirrored that of a few weeks ago – on knickers, thongs, and the hottest underwear for me to wear. Sadly I can’t come up with a definitive list for the sexiest underwear for men: there is only really one kind, because I love it so hard I can barely pay attention to anything else. Tight jersey-style boxer shorts.

Feel free to disagree with me – I’m not the arbiter of sexiness. But let me just tell you this one thing before I go.

You have no idea what you do to me

I know a guy who wears these boxers. When he gets dressed in the morning they’re the first thing he puts on. Boxers first, t-shirt second, then the jeans. He pulls the jeans up his legs, sliding the waistband swiftly over his arse and to his hips. He’s almost dressed – almost. Before he buttons the fly of his jeans, there’s one more thing to do. That beautifully-presented package? His junk, bundled snugly in the cup of jersey fabric? It’s just sitting there – resting on the V of his open fly. Casually, swiftly, without breaking eye contact or stopping our conversation, he reaches down with one hand and pushes it inside his jeans.

He casually adjusts his genitals as if it’s no big deal. As if I’m not sitting there wishing I could take the whole lot, underwear included, into my eager, salivating mouth. As if he doesn’t know that the sight of him so casually rearranging what I so frequently dream about doesn’t make me want to rub every limb of my body against every inch and atom of his.

As if it’s nothing. As if he doesn’t know.


  • Shannon says:

    Today has officially been a success!! I thought ‘I wonder when the last time GOTN posted’ checked and BAMM! 6 minutes ago. Happy days!

    I agree about CKs and button up flyers. I once dated a guy that got so hard I couldn’t unbutton his jeans because they were stretched so right. Sigh.

    Great work! Have a fab Sunday X

  • Love that amazing description of a guy’s hip dips. I LOVE hip dips. Love them the way Homer Simpson loves Duff beer. Mmmmmm…. Hip dips… Hot…

  • Steve says:

    gotn, aussiebum do the best tight jersey-style boxer shorts. In particular check out their EnlargeIT and Wonderjock ranges……I swear by them: stylish, comfy and super sexy xx

  • Kay says:

    Mmmm hip dips. The way his t shirt rides up when he’s stretching, reaching, lying, sitting (when I deliberately pull it up to look). I just want to put my thumb there and rub gently – like silk stretched over stone and eventually slide my hand inside … Mmmm hip dips – as if he doesn’t even know what he’s doing when he lifts the cereal from the top shelf – its not like i put it there deliberately so I can see this vision every morning (it is!) it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it? X

  • Heh, you and Mr Naked Cyclist wrote about the same thing at the same time.

    I almost always wear Y-front briefs for the simple reason that I always have and I rarely, if ever, buy new underwear. I wore the same pants with the Genie from Disney’s Aladdin until I was about 15 and I could swear that the plain blue, green and… other blue and green ones… that I wear these days have been in my possession since I was about 18. That’s eleven years ago. But I do figure, as long as they fit, I may as well wear them…

    Your post made me think, however. A couple of months ago I was put into the very difficult situation of having to buy myself a pack of pants, since I didn’t have any available wherever I was. I spent at least half an hour standing in a sort of strained deliberation next to the men’s underwear shelves in Marks & Spencer, attempting to find something comfortable, plain, in my size and (especially) within my price range. In the end, I went with buying the cheapest ones – which were still wallet-breakingly expensive – and they were Your Average Everyday Boxer Shorts™, not really affording my genitalia any sort of particular boost, but (thankfully) not letting them hang loose either, which can be very uncomfortable, I find.

    One thing you may not have considered (although, knowing you, you probably have, GOTN) is the effect of having an erection in various types of pants. I’ve found that the looser the pants, the more comfortable the erection. Some Y-fronts have a little slit under one of the upper branches of the Y – whether deliberate or not, I don’t know – but there have certainly been a few situations where I’ve found myself aroused and poking through to the rough underside of my trousers. Even in school during my teenage years, promoting a few trips to the toilet to adjust my undergarments to preserve my modesty.

    However, boxers covering an erection – the “tent” image – can look pretty amazing too.

  • Mike says:

    Know exactly what you mean about button flys. The look in my girl’s eyes as each gives way and her grin of delight at the last one is heavenly.

    It’s as if every little tug then pause (as a button comes free) builds the tension until the final release. A lot like a lot of other delicious things!

  • Ramona A Stone says:

    I know you’re a dick girl, GOTN, so I’ll forgive you for not pointing out how great a nice firm bum looks and feels in those tight jersey boxers!

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