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The barefoot sub (she/her) has worked very hard to become the woman she is today. And she’ll continue to stretch herself in the quest for the extraordinary, both in terms of her kinks and her vanilla world. Her journey from domestic violence to domestic bliss hasn’t been smooth sailing, but it has been exciting. Her blog, A Leap Of Faith, is where she shares her adventures and heartbreak, set-backs and growth, pleasure and pain. What started as a task for her sir has now grown into so much more. In amongst the photographs, stories and product reviews, she hopes you’ll find inspiration to embrace your authentic self. If you can’t get enough of her on her blog, you can also find her on Twitter and Instagram with the same handle: @thebarefootsub.

Zoom orgasm: your task for today

This gorgeous Zoom orgasm story is written and read by The Barefoot Sub, and originally appeared on her website.

An unanswered email flashed up with a “follow up?” prompt. Hanging my head in shame I clicked “dismiss”. The email request seemed simple enough in theory, but the fact remained that I didn’t have permission to ask for a meet. Not only were the lockdown restrictions firmly in place nationwide, but in the summer Sir had agreed to me having a play date, and I had failed to follow through with my promise of sexy shenanigans when the chemistry had been missing and I’d changed my mind. Now I was to wait. Wait to be instructed to find someone to fuck me.


Fantasy and reality often overlap: Kinky threesome erotica

This stunning kinky threesome erotica, with two submissive women and one dominant guy, is written and read beautifully by The Barefoot Sub, and originally appeared on her website. 

We arrive in the usual way. Well, usual for me. Heels, skirts, no knickers, bare legs. Not getting noticed in the lobby and slipping through his door after I take a deep breath in and out. As we settle I unpack the items he has asked me to bring. The wand, my strap on, my coir rope and some cotton lengths too, along with some of my impact toys. Satisfied that they are all there (not that I didn’t check them over thee times before taking my bag to the car) I take another deep breath and turn to you. Feasting my eyes on you one more time, the salacious grin on my face mirroring the one plastered on yours before we break eye contact.


Backstage girl: used after the gig

This delicious fantasy about being the ‘backstage girl’ is written and read by the fabulous Barefoot Sub, and originally appeared on her website. 

There I was, outside the door that would take me to him. I had dreamt about this moment since he first came into my life, since the first time I was allowed to see him, albeit a photograph. Though the fantasy that I knew would never be brought to reality had been deep-rooted since my teens, being invited to one of his gigs was almost as good. I could stand in the crowd, listen to him play, watch his fingers dance over the frets knowing exactly what those fingers could do. I would mirror those fingers as I followed my instructions, to edge myself during the course of his set. I wasn’t allowed to orgasm, but he wanted to be able to find my eyes and see my heat through the crowd.


Cuckqueaned by a sex doll

This stunning story about being cuckqueaned by a sex doll is written and read by The Barefoot Sub, and originally appeared on her website. 

In the cocoon of my blindfold, bound to the bed, with just the sound of my chosen porn scene for company, I’d been nervous at his absence. But that didn’t stop the arousal from warming my body. The anticipation at what was to come began to seep out of me as I feel his weight shift the mattress. The movement settles, tipping me in my bonds ever so slightly towards him. But just as my body cranes in that direction two hands reach in from above to hold my head steady. Again the mattress sighs and a third body climbs on.