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A beautifully wicked memory – Bondage erotica

This bondage erotica, by author Tabitha Rayne, originally appeared on her website. It contains some elements of knife play

We were new lovers, young lovers, only-had-each other lovers and now as I lie looking out to the autumn skies, I’m back there, in his bed with my arms above my head, wrists tied to brass.


Guest blog: Letting go – a BDSM love story

I’m a fucking sucker for a love story. Especially if that story throbs with lust as well, and pulls you in to the floaty-sexy-romantic headspace of the people who are falling for each other. Be aware that if you’re squeamish about blood or age play it might not be for you, but if you – like me – are a lustful romantic, you’ll probably adore this like I did. Please welcome LM, who’s here to tell you a BDSM love story.


Guest blog: Knife play

This week’s guest blog tackles something super-intense: knife play. It also does something that I adore, in that it tells the story from two perspectives, giving an insight into what each partner is thinking during the session…

As with anything sharp and shiny, safety comes first.If you’re interested in knife play, then check out this safety guide and, of course, negotiate and communicate with your partner.

The author wanted me to add a particular note to this post: “My partner and I play without a safeword. It’s something we’ve both discussed at length and have agreed upon together. He is a medic, is trained in and trains others in martial arts and we have both had extensive training in body language and the subtle nuances of human behaviour and the human body. Whilst this works for us, I’m not suggesting this kind of practice for others – it’s all about knowing and trusting yourself, your partner and your relationship.”

Please welcome Alice and the Wolf.