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Men are everywhere: shoot your shot

Men: they’re fucking everywhere, aren’t they? God, I had almost forgotten they existed. I used to walk down streets past men every day and barely give them a second glance, but suddenly now I am starting to notice them. Men. Everywhere. This is a post written loosely off the back of a pep talk I gave to a friend, in which I urged her: shoot your shot. (hat tip to @Oloni for introducing me to that excellent phrase)


Better than a dick pic: what makes a photo sexy?

Remember those urban legends about parents who’d find cigarettes in their teenagers’ bedrooms and force them to smoke an entire packet to put themselves off forever? That’s how I feel about dick pics. I’ve seen so many of them that even the most beautiful dick, framed and shot by the world’s greatest photographer, does little for me now unless it’s attached to someone I already have a raging crush on. But recently someone sent me a different type of picture, far better than a dick pic. So hot that opening the file felt like a punch in the cunt.


Not quite myself: me, guitars and weed

When I was growing up, there was always one dude in the group who would be known as The Stoner. Didn’t matter which group: there was always one guy who had this role. He would bring weed to parties and impress everyone by rolling neat spliffs that were perfectly packed. A skill born of plenty of practice, and many many many nights spent high.


How to wank with a Doxy (or other wand toy)

This post has been writing itself in my head for approximately six years – ever since I got my hands on my first ever Doxy. Back then it was called a ‘Doxy Massager’ and the packaging it came in was delightfully coy, as if this toy would be used to massage anything other than one’s sexy bits. Since then it has become a bit of a sex toy sensation, and is thankfully now sold under the slogan ‘Let’s get it on’ so there is no doubt about the fact that this toy fucks. To celebrate the launch of their latest model – the first ever cordless Doxy 3 rechargeable (which is brilliant), I thought I’d finally finish the guide I’ve been writing in my head ever since I got my hands on the first one. Here’s a bunch of different ways you can wank with a Doxy.


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Black Lives Matter

Yesterday, the UK government released its report into disparities and risk outcomes of Covid-19 finding that you are less likely to die of it if you are white. Here’s an overview of the report from the Guardian, and a great piece by Dr Annabel Sowemimo over at gal-dem highlighting the problems with reporting and data collection on race and health outcomes. Matt Hancock, our health secretary, has been ‘really struck by the the the the clear difference in the proportion of people who are dying with COVID-19 from ethnic minority backgrounds.’ Because it came as a total surprise to him apparently, despite many people pointing out that it was fucking obvious, and insisting weeks ago on a more detailed – and independent – public inquiry.