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Brilliant guest blogs of 2014

Last year I started doing a series¬†highlighting some of my favourite guest blogs from the archive. As I’ve been looking through the blog archive to turn sexy stories into audio porn, I’ve been reminded of some of the amazing guest blogs people have contributed to these pages. Take a trip down memory lane with me to some of the brilliant guest blogs of 2014… (more…)

Sexy link roundup: unread messages, tough conversations, and terrible bastards

It’s been a while since I did an SoSS/sexy link round-up – please forgive me and accept this week’s offering with three blog posts I’ve really enjoyed, plus bonus links to new resources for LGBTQ college students, which I was sent by the people who made them and wanted to add in case they’re helpful.


Guest blog: Relearning to have sex after a hysterectomy

This week’s guest blog is by a fantastic fellow blogger –¬†Isabelle Lauren. She writes with touching candour about sex and libido after having a hysterectomy. It’s a brilliant piece, and it gave me an insight into not only one of the ways in which sex can be a struggle, but also about how vital patience and communication are when dealing with sexual difficulties. Check out her brilliant blog (and in particular this recent piece on the sex/violence distinction for over-18 content, which I really enjoyed) and follow her on Twitter @RomanticIsa.


Guest blog: Lines and letters – a poem

I’ll keep the intro to this week’s guest blog short and sweet, and simply tell you that I love poetry. The loveliest poems are the ones that make me laugh, cry or ache for something. This poem by James Mycroft makes me ache like anything…


Guest blog: Afferent fantasy

A week or so ago I wrote about perspective in sex fantasies, and asked people how they tend to fantasise when they’re masturbating. Do they make themselves the star of their fantasy, or do they tend to ‘watch’ the action as if they’re an outside observer? The answers were fascinating, and one of the ones that particularly struck me was Mrs Fever’s: although some of her fantasies are visual like the ones I was describing, many are based on other senses: scents, as well as tactile and auditory sensations. I asked her to do something that seemed to me impossible – could she describe these fantasies for a guest blog? Turns out that yes, she can, and the post she sent me was so evocative I could almost feel/smell/hear everything she describes. Check out her post below as well as her fabulous sex blog!