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Guest blog: Three heartbroken poems

Today’s guest blog comes in the form of some sad and beautiful heartbroken poems. Huge thanks to SN, who dropped me an email last week with these. I hope you find them as touching as I did.


Guest blog: I am a piss-covered slut

@Absolutely_Ruby is back, everyone! She is the incredible smutty writer who contributed the most popular guest blog ever on my site – about being made to wear a butt plug to go and get breakfast. She’s also written up an intensely sexy/scary story about getting caught having sex in the office. Thanks to the kind of adventures she has, and the way she so beautifully writes them, I am utterly in awe of her. Today she’s here to tell a story that featured something that’s close to my heart: watersports. Read on if you want to hear about a super-hot, dominant incident where she was made to piss for her master. This story is available as audio porn too, so click ‘listen here’ above if you’d like to hear it read aloud by Ruby herself.

Note: everyone in this story is over the age of 18, but it includes elements of school role play.


Guest blog: Fuck me to tears

Today’s guest blogger is the fantastic freelance journalist and host of the Second Circle Podcast, Franki Cookney (@frankicookney on Twitter). I’m a huge fan of her work, because she is as much a fan of overthinking about sex as I am. Today she’s here to talk about crying after sex – what is it, during intense sex and orgasm, that sometimes causes the tears to start flowing? We associate tears with sadness, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t often hot…


Guest blog: I’m a fickle cunt

I am so excited this week to welcome erotic author extraordinaire Tabitha Rayne! @TabithaErotica is a woman of many talents – she writes erotica over at her blog and in a number of books, and she also creates beautiful sensual art. On top of this, she’s also dabbled in sex toy invention, creating the incredible Ruby Glow sit-upon vibrator. And as well as being an inventor and a creator, she’s also a fickle cunt…


Guest blog: My first time in a sex shop

I’m excited to welcome today’s guest blogger – the fabulous Quinn Rhodes from On Queer Street. She’s a fantastic sex blogger, who has written a beautiful guest blog for me here before on discovering her sexuality. Today she’s back with a new discovery or three. Do you remember your first time in a sex shop? Quinn’s here to tell you about hers, and how visiting a Glasgow sex shop led her to discover her love for a few new things…