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Fantastic guest blogs of 2015 – part 2

It’s sunny and warm and lovely, so I’m going to assume you’re all looking for some interesting/fun/sexy stuff to read while you relax in the shade somewhere eating an ice cream. And if that’s what you’re after, you’re in luck: here’s the next in my series highlighting great guest blogs from the archive. Today we’re going all the way back to 2015, when we were all three years younger, and a whole lot of horrible stuff hadn’t happened yet.  (more…)

Sexy link roundup: parenting, piss and heartbreak

This week’s sexy link roundup features three incredible writers, tackling three very different things. Strap in because this week we’re talking parenting, piss play and heartbreak…


Guest blog: Making out with her cunt

Today’s guest blog, by Oliveira, is a super-hot real-life sex story that contains something I don’t write much about here: cunnilingus. And I love it when guest bloggers write the stories that I can’t quite get my own words around. If you enjoy cunt-eating erotica and lazy Sunday afternoon sex, you’ll definitely have fun with this one…


Sexy link roundup: anxiety, kink discourse and hot erotica

This week’s sexy link roundup/SoSS post features two posts that got me thinking a LOT and one post that inspired me to have a really lovely wank. Check out the posts below, and click on the headlines to read the full pieces.


Sexy link roundup: buttplugs, getting caught and happy femdom

It’s that time again – Saturday’s sexy link roundup for you to peruse. Click the headings to see the full posts from the people in question, and see if you can guess which my favourite link is for this week…