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Guest blog: Do you have colourful orgasms?

I’m so chuffed to welcome Sherryl Blu of Tinted Blu back to the blog today. If you’re a regular reader you’ll remember Sherryl’s amazing work for the audio porn project. Today she’s back to bring you something different – very different. If you experience orgasms in colour, you and she have something in common. And if you don’t? You may be fascinated to learn that Sherryl, and some other people, experience orgasmic synaesthesia: aka colourful orgasms.


Guest blog: Fucking in the dust

Today’s guest blogger is James, who got in touch with me because he wanted to share some of the hot encounters he’s had over the years. This is his first time writing erotica, so I hope you can extend him a warm welcome as he tells you a story about a hot fuck in the dust of his semi-renovated house…

Note: this story involves some surprise pain, but both the author and his lover knew each others’ limits. 


Guest blog: I lost my husband and found BDSM

It’s not every day that a guest blog gets me right in the heart as well as the knickers, but today’s amazing post by Emilia Romero did exactly that. It’s about freedom and loss and finding yourself, the end of a marriage and the beginning of a love of BDSM. It’s beautiful and hot and painful in all the best ways, and I’m honoured that she’s chosen to share it here.


Guest blog: Fucking a good girl after abstinence

This week’s anonymous guest blogger has visited before, to tell an astonishingly hot story about watching his girlfriend cheat on him (seriously, check it out, it’s amazing). Today he’s back with a story about a delicious encounter that happened during a time when he’d given up on any sexual encounters at all. Those who read this blog a lot will understand why I’m so into it (coughgood girlcough), and why I’m so delighted that he’s chosen to share his tale of fucking a good girl after a long period of abstinence…


Guest blog: The power of music and memories

Music and memories: some songs have such a powerful connection to certain memories that I cannot hear them without getting horny. Or sad. Or excited about someone I haven’t seen for years. I’ve talked before about what music can do – from putting you off shagging if a terrible track comes off on a sex playlist to making me want to use your cock just cos I did so the last time this song came on. Today, I’m delighted to welcome back an incredible guest blogger – @OxyFromSg who writes erotica with Phedre Sinclair at this blog right here. Here in my little corner of the internet, Oxy has already delighted us with tales of DIY gloryholes and weird wanks – to share some hot memories, and the music that helps bring them out.