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Guest blog: my partner fucking other men

Today’s guest blog pressed a lot of my buttons – and not the ones that are normally pressed when someone tells me a horny thing. As a mostly-monogamous, keen-to-be-more-open person, I have struggled a lot with my internal double-standard. My ideal relationship consists of one guy I love very much, who gets off on letting me fuck other men. Fucking other men is, it seems, something I truly want to do. Hearing about him fuck other women? Not so much.

Today’s guest blogger is Sir, who tweets with his partner Subbie @SirandSubbie on Twitter. He wants to talk to you about Subbie fucking other men, and I’m grateful not just because he’s sharing some pretty raw, emotional stuff, but because he’s managed to sum up quite a lot of my feelings (both rational and irrational) about this very thing…


Most popular sexy guest blogs of 2016

Yearly round up take two! Yesterday I did the top sexy blog posts I’ve written here, as measured by Google Analytics. Today it’s time for the guest blogs. I’m constantly amazed and delighted that so many incredible people are willing to share their sex stories and ideas here, and intrigued to see which ones you click on most frequently.


Guest blog: I fucked a rollercoaster

As far as guest blog pitches go, I don’t think I’ve had any more unusual than the one which went ‘I know someone who’s fucked a rollercoaster and she might be up for writing about it – interested?’ OMG YES. More interested than you can possibly imagine. I’ve had sexy bus vibrations and more than my fair share of train horn, but nothing – NOTHING – I have experienced can compete with the powerful, G-force sexiness of @glitter_brawl‘s rollercoaster sex. Enjoy.


Guest blog: I’m a gainer, and a feeder, and an encourager

This week’s guest blog is by an anonymous gainer and feeder. Gaining and feeding is a kink I’ve always been fascinated by, and his overview does an incredible job of painting a picture of just what it’s like to have this kink. The joys of gaining weight as well as the internal (and external) conflicts that come along with this kink. As with all guest blogs, I’m especially honoured that he’s chosen to share his experience here – please do comment if you can to thank him for sharing his story.


Guest blog: our pregnancy journey

Today’s guest blog is by @Pervy_thoughts on Twitter – he’s here to share a deeply personal story about conception, pregnancy, and some of the complications involved. When he first got in touch with me, he focused on the difference between sex for recreation and sex to make a baby, so I was really moved when his story took a different turn. It’s by turns funny and deeply sad, and I’m grateful to him for sharing it here. Names have been changed with the consent of the other person in the story.