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Guest blog: Rescue me – I have a damsel in distress kink!

Have you ever fantasised about being rescued by a hero? Wanted to be the damsel in distress? Sidenote: there is apparently no gender-neutral term for ‘damsel’ and I would love to create one, because I bet this kink is shared by people of other genders too! Today’s guest blogger is Lex (@LexusRanger), and she is here to talk to you about the appeal and complexity of having a damsel in distress kink…

Note that this piece talks about struggling/fighting – it’s all within the boundaries of consensual role play. 


Guest blog: All desire – edged with his tongue

I have to confess to not being a particularly spiritual person, which is why I’m delighted that guest bloggers can come fill that gap with their own intensely hot, something-more-than-pure-physical sex stories. Today’s guest blogger is Zoe, who has written a gorgeous piece before about talking very dirty, and writes a travel blog over at The Zoeverse (and who you can follow on TwitterInstaFacebook and Patreon too). Today she’s taking us with her to Zagreb, and a man she met there who gave her cause to consider ‘all desire’…


Guest blog: Thunderfuck – fucking in a thunderstorm

How appropriate that this guest blog is due to go live this week, when the UK has been having a sweltering heatwave. I’m editing this on Tuesday but praying that by the time it goes live on Friday we’ll have had a huge thunderstorm or two to clear the muggy air. Something about the weather makes me horny – from sweaty fucking to fantasies about getting whipped on the back of my thighs with ice pops, heat is horny. And now, courtesy of this week’s guest blogger Theodore Bentley, fucking in a thunderstorm becomes sexy too…


Guest blog: Bang me like you bang those drums

Oh God I am missing festivals so much this year. And as if to taunt my festival-sick heart and taunt my horny body, Ariadne Awakes sent me the most cuntpunchingly beautiful piece about fucking the drummer in a band. I heard the audio before I read the text and frankly it took my breath away. Click ‘listen now’ above to hear Ariadne read it aloud in all it’s lust-fuelled glory, or read it below if you prefer, then go find more of her incredible work at under the name Ariadne Awakes, or on twitter @AriadneAwakes where you can find links to more stories, streams of consciousness and details about how you can get in touch to have a custom made audio just for you. Now please join me in revelling in this glorious, brilliant story, and cross your fingers for the end of Covid and return of festivals soon.


Guest blog: My first time writing erotica

I love the idea that people who read erotica are more likely to pick up a pen and write some of their own too. Taking your fantasies and putting them down on paper can be a tremendously joyous thing. But writing erotica can be nervewracking too, even if you’re an experienced writer in other, less sex-focused areas. This week’s guest blogger is just that: a professional writer who recently turned his hand to penning something sexy. He got in touch to offer a guest post about the uniquely nervewracking (and fun!) act of writing erotica for the first time. So if you’ve been tempted to try your hand at it and need a little nudge to get started? This post is for you!