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Guest blog: How to have a hands-free orgasm

This week’s guest blogger is talking about something I have never done but would love to try: hands-free orgasm. Hot? Fuck yes. I might even have a go at writing a script myself one day.Please welcome George, whose words I hope can inspire you to give this a try yourself… He’s rather skilfully combined a how-to guide (so you can learn how to have a hands-free orgasm of your own) with some excellent filth that should give you an idea of how and why it works for him.


Guest blog: telling dirty stories to get him off

Today’s guest blogger – Catey – runs a seriously lovely sexy words Tumblr, where she collects smutty quotes from literature. And as you can tell from her guest blog below, she’s pretty amazing at telling dirty stories herself…


Guest blog: Giving up mainstream porn for lent

I’m delighted to be able to present you with an Easter-themed post today, courtesy of the fantastic Jenny Guérin (who you can follow on Twitter here). Jenny has written here for me before about withdrawing consent in a BDSM scene – and how it’s far easier than the people who write UK porn laws seem to think. Today she’s tackling a challenge I’d love to see more people have a go at: swapping mainstream porn for more ethical porn. How did Jenny do with her personal challenge of giving up mainstream porn for lent?


Guest blog: How will Brexit affect your sex life?

This week Theresa May signed the letter officially triggering Article 50 to begin the process of taking the UK out of the EU. Not very sexy, obviously, so other than writing a parody of the appalling treatment of May and Sturgeon in the Daily Mail, I didn’t have any Brexit-related inspiration for the blog this week. Then, like an angel descending from on high to give a combination of humour and genuinely useful insight, came Ruby l’Ace from Knicker Rocker Glory. She’s here to explain how Brexit could affect your sex life…


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Guest blog: erotica from a Daily Mail writer

Today lots of people are angry about the Daily Mail front page, which shows a photograph of two powerful female politicians and invites us to speculate on their lovely, lovely legs.

It’s an embarrassing piece, no doubt, but rather excellent timing for me. Because today I have a guest blog from none other than a Daily Mail writer! Enjoy.