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Guest blog: I’m a submissive feminist – don’t police how I fuck

This week’s guest blogger is Violet Grey (@v_greyauthor), a submissive feminist. As a straight submissive feminist myself, I’ve often had to deal with people who believe that’s an oxymoron. How can I be feminist yet also enjoy getting spanked by a man? Over the years I’ve given different answers, refining and explaining as I learn more about my own sexual desires and the ways in which the world tries to police them. I’m delighted to welcome Violet Grey today to give her own answer, as well as kick back against some of the toxic ideas that we need to challenge when we’re thinking about submission within relationships.

¬†Note: this post will discuss a few concepts that may be disturbing to some of you, including the ‘TradWife’ movement, religious policing of bodily autonomy and marital rape.¬†


Guest blog: My tryst with a burlesque goddess

This week’s guest blogger is the fabulous @EuphemiseThis, who has already graced these pages once before with a story of forbidden fucks and lustful yearning. Today she’s here with another glorious tale of sexy longing, this time for a burlesque goddess who bore a striking resemblance to her ex…


Guest blog: One woman, three guys, and a DIY gloryhole

Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of kinky DIY – sometimes if you want something really specific and sexy, you have to roll up your sleeves and make something yourself. This week’s guest blogger has an excellent story about exactly that. You’ve already heard some of his exploits in a previous guest blog – about ‘weird wanks‘ and controlling someone else’s dick. Today he’s here to tell you about a gloryhole fantasy that was fulfilled by some good friends and a generous helping of elbow grease…


Guest blog: I want to claim his cock

Today I’m welcoming back the fabulous guest blogger ‘A’, who has written a couple of gorgeous posts before for this blog, like this one on feeling ‘little’ and cute. Today she’s here to talk about ownership, and how it isn’t just dominants who like that feeling of saying that someone is ‘mine.’ An exploration, as she explained in her original pitch, of having a really intense hunger for him – and only him. Wanting to claim his cock.


Guest blog: Couple fantasies about sex clubs

Sometimes when we’re feeling horny, my partner and I will live out fantasies by telling each other stories. Pretending we’re in a group of people, and describing who’s doing what to who, and how hard each of us is coming. I’ve wanted to write a post about these couple fantasies for a while, because it’s a tip I recommend to others quite a lot – if they want to consider threesomes or group sex, for instance, but they’re nervous about putting it into practice. It’s a fun, hot way to explore these fantasies in a safe environment, and this week’s guest blogger – Neo – has beaten me to the punch, with a superb, almost real-time description of what happened when he and his wife engaged in a mutual fantasy about sex clubs. Enjoy…