Pictures of orgasm

In 2014 I challenged people to draw an orgasm. Prompted by the original iceberg image at the bottom of this gallery, here are some of the amazing images they submitted. Click each image for details of the creator.

You may not reproduce any of these images without express written consent.

One of the things I loved about running this competition was just how varied the images were. Some of the pictures of orgasm are direct and immediate sexual scenarios – like Molly’s glorious head-thrown-back pose or HighKinks’ bitten lip. Others are more metaphorical, like Stuart’s original iceberg picture – GalleryKC’s winning entry with the wine glass completely blew me away, and KikiDalton and AnnaLank’s entries both felt to me like the behind-the-eyes vision you might get at the moment when you come.

FrogCroakley’s owl/planet smash is one of the most FrogCroakley things in the world, and Emmeline Peaches’ beautiful neon dreamscape captures a delightful orgasm that makes me think of coming while drunk or high. All of the entries, though, are completely incredible, and running this competition was one of the highlights of my early days on the blog. I loved how much people got into it, and all the amazing interpretations they came up with when they drew their orgasms.