On the terror of being confronted by a circumcised cock

The first time I saw a circumcised dick I froze in fear. Not because it looked weird (although for the record: it did. Don’t judge me) but because I didn’t have a sodding clue what to do with it.

I’d been with number 1 for a year – the teenage equivalent of a diamond wedding anniversary. I’d seen a few other cocks before, and touched some, but I’d never had the hand job tuition that a one-on-one relationship gives you.

After a few months of awkward fumbling and overly-excited teenage sex, I’d asked number 1 for some tips on how to get him off with my hands. At 16 all I ever wanted was to play in a million different ways, and I liked the thought of dragging him away from our friends every now and then so I could squeeze his cock in the toilets, or the kitchen or (as was traditional at the time) in someone’s parents’ bedroom.

So he taught me. And what he taught me was that the most important thing about a hand job is that the foreskin should go back and forth over the head. Rubbing his shaft, cupping his balls, biting the side of his neck or whispering ‘fuck, you’re so hard’ as I squeezed it – all just filler. The main event, top of the bill, what he’d bought his fucking ticket for, was the back-and-forth motion of the foreskin against the head.

How do you do that with a circumcised cock? Obviously the answer is that you don’t. You don’t. Adult me knows there are ways to deal with circumcision and hand jobs. You can spit on his dick, you can work the shaft in exactly the specific way that he likes it, you can use lube.

(Girls often carry small pots of Vaseline around with them to guard against chapped lips. I carry a few extra pots in case I should ever meet a circumcised boy.)

But teen me hadn’t a clue. When confronted with a boy whose cock was more naked than number 1’s, I just held it in my hand and hoped he’d start thrusting or something, so I knew how he liked it. I kissed him, and I squeezed, and he panted, and started leaking precome onto the tips of my fingers, but still I didn’t quite get it. I was … rubbish. That boy, the first ever circumcised one, only ever got blowjobs.

Since then I’ve seen more, touched more, and learned that even with uncircumcised guys there are a million different ways to do it. One guy’s ‘God that’s good’ is another guy’s ‘Get off me woman.’

So what’s the solution? Trial and error, I suppose – it’s worked for scientists for hundreds of years, so surely it’ll work to help wank guys to completion in a phone box, right? Well, yes sometimes. But only if they give appropriate feedback, and only if I’m not too pissed, and only if my arm doesn’t get tired.

Don’t get me wrong – I love giving hand jobs. It’s just that there’s a teeny voice at the back of my head telling me that I’ll never do it as well as you do. You know exactly how tight to squeeze and where to put pressure and how fast to go and all that jazz. All I know is that I love touching your dick.

On the whole, whether you’re cut or not, you’re probably more likely to get a blowjob.



  • Where we're going, we don't need names says:

    Trust me, no boy minds being more likely to get a blow job.

  • Jamie says:

    Oh, I know this feeling. My technique for a hand job (quick or slow, there’s a lot to be said for giving/getting a hand job) was learnt on my own knob – fully intact. The first adolescent fumbling with a fellow teenage boy who’d been mutilated was a disaster; he was sensitive where I’d expected nothing and insensitive where normal boys were set on fire. Fortunately, there’s nothing easier to bring off than a 14 year old boy (I was 14 myself at the time, before anyone calls the Daily Mail).

    Since then, I’ve encountered cut knobs slightly under 1 in 10 times – an awful lot, but still nothing compared to the large number of proper knobs I’ve had my mitts on. And it never gets easier – cut knobs are just wired differently. The thing they have going for them is that they work very very well for getting into, pleasure despite and getting out of a jonny. Other than that, I’d go for a real knob, unmolested by religion or ‘medical necessity’, every time.

    By the way [switches to lecture mode], you know that Vaseline and jonnies don’t mix, right? Yeah, I’m a hypocrite on the subject of condoms, but still…

  • Charlie says:

    @ Jamie to me, a cut knob is still a “proper” knob.
    gotta love the cut ones
    trial and error is wonderful and always the way to go. get the word out to the guys and girls.learn your new partner. experiment. start from scratch. you will discover so much more. and NEVER, never try to wank me off the way it worked on your old girlfriend. i love that you want to get me to come, but i don’t need to know the entire ritual that always worked on your ex. actually that puts me off quite a bit.

  • Alicia says:

    I love wanking off cut dicks! Really don’t know why, it just feels nicer in my hand or something. I also love wondering before I shag someone whether they’re cut or not – doesn’t make that much of a difference, uncut ones aren’t hideous, it’s just kind of fun not knowing and then knowing what he’s got down his trousers.

  • Kandy says:

    My experience with circumcised boys is not good. I don’t know what to do with their cocks in my hands or mouth but most importantly, I have found they drag the natural lubrication out of my vagina and leave me dry, which makes me sore.

  • fenn says:

    I’ve garnered many a compliment on my cut cock-caressing technique and would say the main difference is in vigour. Use a lot more lube and touch a lot more lightly than you would a uncut cock and Bob’s your cumming partner.

    • Sarah says:

      What can you do if you have no lube and aren’t in a place or don’t have enough time to wet it all up with your saliva? Lol

  • thisgirl says:

    Maybe trial and error will work eventually but I’m more a fan of just asking him what he likes.
    Is this good when I spit on my hand and rub it over the head? This hard? Harder?
    Tell me how you like it, preferably in as many words as you can muster. You don’t need to be overly coherent. It’s hot when I’m driving you so crazy you forget how to string a sentence together.
    So I agree with you GONT. Give me feedback. Especially if it’s something I’m new to. And then come all over my hand. And that’s all the reassurance I’ll need.

  • thatman says:

    Come all over your hand?
    Loving that.

  • Raoul Morris says:

    “trial and experience” not “error” I think, a guiding light for your future experimentation :-) (God what a snot I sound…)

  • allen Lindquist says:

    my penis is forever soft since i had prostate cancer surgery, its big (8″ cut) but to get it hard i need to inject a syringe into the base of my penis, then it is hard for three hours, even if i cum it stays hard.

  • Lee says:

    Allen, damn man, sorry to hear that (bigC). As long as you’re fulfilled, and you lady is too, go you!

    I have a cut cock. But… (Cringe alert)

    Thanks to a foreskin infection (long ago healed) part of the foreskin that should move over the glans (medical term for the bulbous tip) is permanently fused to it.

    The docs cut away the rest, leaving, if you like, the upper half of the bulb “peeking out”.

    Ladies, don’t panic. My cock still works just fine.

    Just don’t try to pull the skin downwards towards my balls, tho, or you will give me what amounts to a Chinese Burn on my cock, and you’ll find out what it sounds like to hear a grown man scream in real agony.

    However, that’s not the real point. If you gently stroke round the bulb rim, even tho forever sheathed, and gently rub the peeking part too, or even *shivver* kiss that… I’ll explode.

    The fact that you’re brave enough to do that for me only makes you sexier.

  • Jason Rork says:

    Though I am uncut, I have always wanted to be circumsized. I limit my masterbation technique to
    Not allowing the foreskin to cover the head, to remind me of what a real man has to do to get off, anyone else do this?

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hey Jason – that sounds hot and if it works for you and doesn’t hurt your dick then that’s ace. But I’m a bit worried about your use of the phrase ‘real man’ – ‘real men’ come in all shapes and sizes, both circumcised and uncircumcised. Not being circumcised doesn’t make you any less real.

  • Craig says:

    I’m uncircumcised and wouldn’t want it any other way. I think girls from the USA often don’t know what an uncircumcised penis is like, so they assume its weird. So this link shows you what mine is like


    The skin rolls on and off the head, when off, it is like a circumcised penis (mine stays uncovered all the time but many keep the head covered when at rest). But I still have the millions of nerve endings on the inside of my foreskin, so rubbing the skin just below the head is just as sensitive as rubbing my glans. Circumcised guys don’t have this. I don’t have a ring of scar tissue below my glans. And I still have all the moving parts on my penis, girls love playing with it (and so do I).

    So I think I have everything a circumcised guy has and a lot more besides. What do you think? Do you like it?

    • Craig says:

      Further to my more generic comment above (which wasn’t aimed at you, it was aimed at girls in the USA who think foreskins are weird, I presume you’re from the UK given the circumcised is unusual for you, refreshing to read on the net) you couldn’t be more wrong when you say “Don’t get me wrong – I love giving handjobs. It’s just that there’s a teeny voice at the back of my head telling me that I’ll never do it as well as you do.” It can feel great when we do I yourselves. But a handjob from a girl is a magical, intimate experience. No comparison! Blowjobs and shags are pretty good also.

      And a specific question for you Ms Girlonthenet! Now that you’re more familiar with circumcised penises which do you prefer and why? I’ve always assumed girls prefer uncircumcised ones and would miss the moving parts to play with, I always imagine a circumcised penis would be a bit one dimensional compared to one with the moving bits! Not sure what a circumcised penis has that an uncircumcised one doesn’t have. It does appear that a lot of girls from over the pond don’t agree!

      And what do you think of mine in the post above. As you can imagine it wanks a lot reading your posts. Could always send you a vid of that.

      You are a sexy lady Ms Girlonthenet! Keep up the good work.

      • Girl on the net says:

        I have a preference for uncircumcised, but I think that’s mainly because it’s what I’m used to. It’s not like I’d see two dicks, one circumcisd and one uncircumcised, and immediately choose the uncircumcised one.

        I’d have both =)

        • Craig says:

          You’d have both? At once?

          If course you would, why do I even need to ask! :-)

          • Circumcision is gradually dying out. It is mutilation and should be banned. Anyone wanting to be circumcised for religious reasons should have it done at the age of consent. There is also still far too much female genital mutilation going on. Girls are even brought to the UK and USA to have it done in more hygienic conditions. In many middle eastern and African countries it is done in dreadful conditions to young teenage girls. A man wields a razor blade without an anaesthetic to slice off the prepuce and clitoris and some of the inner labia. The wound is then stitched together so that the only open part of the vulva is the vagina, for the pleasure of men and urine comes out of the same hole. You can imagine the dreadful hygiene problems this causes with vulvas smelling of old urine and excretions. Most girls can never get any sexual pleasure after the operation is carried out. Simply awful. Both male and female circumcision is done for religious reasons and should be banned.

            That does not mean that you cut guys should not have a full and active sex life, just please, PLEASE don’t inflict it on your own children.

            Feminists reading this can read my post on it in the EverdayFeminism.com website – membership needed.

            Next time you see a razor blade, just think about those poor teenage girls who suffer female circumcision.

    • Delia says:

      I wanted to see it!!

  • This is interesting because most partners I’ve had preferred their foreskin being pushed back and masturbation carried on over the bare glans although I gave hand jobs both ways. On our blog my main partner describes what it is like to be masturbated in this post: http://wp.me/p4bMUU-7o

    I have only had one partner who was circumcised and he was not as sensitive as my uncircumcised partners. That does not mean that circumcised men are all less sensitive as it would need a bigger sample for that. Perhaps circumcised men could let me know when and where I can come and give them a hand job in order to conduct a proper survey. LOL.

    Sorry, only joking, guys, my current relationship is likely to be my last so don’t need a queue.

  • japanophile says:

    I am an intact straight married male who grew up in the USA.

    Millions of Americans do not understand that moving the foreskin up and down is intensely enjoyable for men. And that circumcision removes the best bits a man has. BTW, the foreskin does not thrill the glans. It’s rather the contrary: the glans thrills the ring formed by the tip of the foreskin. American erotica does not know this. Some American women have discovered this in recent years, by having flings with Latinos and the foreign born, and have shared their discovery of the trouser snake with eyelid, via social media.

    At the 2013 San Francisco Gay Pride parade, a mother carried a baby in one arm, and a sign saying “Circumcision Ruined the Handjob” in the other. I concur. Thanks to lube, it is possible to give a cut guy a handjob. But I submit that it is inevitably something of a chore. Perhaps you can appreciate the American obsession with the blowjob.

  • Thomas says:

    Totally agree with Angela Goodnight. All forms of mutilation of the genitals of children should be banned. People should be able to choose what happens to their body, and not be aware, in their teenage years, that they have parts missing. Whether it be on girls or boys, banned it should be. If the Muslims, Jews etc protest that’s “it’s their Religion” then just reply by saying it may be their’s but the child has not yet chosen it! It’s good old Tribalism again isn’t it. For isn’t the joice of what happens to your body, and what Religion you choose, the right of all people, male & female ???

  • Murica says:

    I’m circumcised, and after reading a lot of your posts, I wish I wasn’t. I had to teach my last gf how to handle my dick properly for handjobs. We decided that the best way was for her to just rub me through my jeans or underwear.

  • Lawrence Newman says:

    As a man who was circumcised without my informed consent at the age of 14, I know what is lost to circumcision. It destroys sexual pleasure. Virtually all sexual sensation is in the foreksin. The glans is primarily a protopathic sensor, i.e. pain, pressure, temperature, and apart from a slight scattering of light-touch receptors on the coronal ridge, isn’t sexually sensitive. Many women seem to think the glans clitoris is the same as the glans penis of the male. This is a common misconception. They are analogous structures, but are not sensory equivalents. The foreskin and frenulum contain all the nerves necessary for pleasure and orgasm, and circumcision ablates them. Consequently, male circumcision is more sexually damaging than type 2 FGM.

    I gave up on sex and women a long time ago because it feels of nothing and I find it almost impossible to ejaculate in most positions. Sex and masturbation are dull experiences now. Circumcision is not a therapeutic medical procedure, it is an act of sexual suppression with zero medical benefits.

  • cian barry says:

    I’m 32 and due to phimosis (possibly linked with ever growing and misunderstood HPV) and after battling with every type of steroid cream available, I was “mutilated” it wasn’t a choice so is it still mutilation? Imagine having sex and EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!! having your foreskin RIP it was agonising!! Like I said no choice!! My girlfriend says she prefers uncut guys she’d know the difference she’s had enough ha ha but seriously I am kinda freaked out that some woman judge it, some are freaked out at it, some people describe it as mutilated?!?!

    • Ed says:

      [Comment deleted]

      • Girl on the net says:

        Hi Ed – I appreciate that you’re trying to be helpful, but please don’t post medical advice in the comments of my blog. I have deleted your post because I don’t want anyone to follow your advice and accidentally injure themselves. Cian if you’re worried about anything, please do go and speak to your doctor.

  • Pug1962 says:

    I was cut at about the age of three due to infection. As a brit I’ve find that is a big surprise for most girls when they first see my cock but it’s a massive turn on for me explaining to them how and why it was done and how they should handle it.

  • AnonymousChick says:

    Though I’m British, I’ve only ever been with cut guys. Of course I’ve seen men with foreskins, but I’ve never been intimate enough with them for it to matter what I’m supposed to do with it. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea what to do with a dick with a foreskin, as I have no experience with them. My partner hates not having one, he was circumcised for medical reasons as a child, and always talks about how he wished he still had one. I’d be quite worried about starting a relationship with a man that was still intact, not because I think either is more or less aesthetically pleasing than the other, but because I wouldn’t know how to handle one(?). My partner and I are both very satisfied with the foreplay and sex we have, and his circumcision has never been a problem.

  • Reuben CLEWER says:

    When I had sex with my wife after being circumcised she told me that it was far better than before and I found that it was the same for me. I was circumcised simply because I wanted to be: I had the impression that the foreskin was superfluous and when I had sex it felt ‘in the way’. My wife told me that she appreciated that the knob was a lot bigger, which I had thought just an impression and I know that both parties appreciate the effect of the “bare rim”.

  • BanterBabe says:

    My ex was the first circumcised penis that I had the pleasure in meeting.
    I had a sneaking suspicion that he had been snipped but took me three weeks of fondling and fucking to ask him and confirm it. When hard, an uncut penis looks the same as uncircumcised to me.

    He had a fear of blow jobs which, as a self acclaimed BJ Lover, made me want to suck his shiny dome more. After a few occasions of playing, reassurance and coaxing him with my mouth, I finally made him come. Boy, had I created a monster. Daily face poking and pestering was a norm for the rest of our relationship. It’s only after reading this post and the comments, have I realised that maybe it was down to his circumcision that made the previous BJ experiences before me, so bad for my ex?

    When I used to rub him with my hand, I was uncharacteristically nervous and anxious about hurting him – Despite his requests for me to slam him harder. Seeing that already taught, smooth skin at the head get yanked tighter just made me worry that I’d break him.

    I do miss his beautiful circumcised penis. It had a cute little belt of skin on bottom ridge of the head, that I loved to tongue. His penis was the cleanest I ever had the joy to taste and not once did I have to deal with a trapped hair around a foreskin.

    I love all penises. It’s just another fun thing to wonder about on the many men I perv on daily!

  • rob66 says:

    i have a circumcised knob, i worked on a building site some time ago a young girl ust to come round to the site every day she gave every guy a hand job UK not meny guys are cut in uk she came to me. she was tring to pull what forskin i had witch was zero after awhile she said can i hold his head , she put her cold hands round my bare knob it felt gorgus and was coming very shortley after.next day she came streght to me said my cock was her favorite she wanted it in her mouth witch she had never done before she thought it was a gobstoper the way she sucted it WHAT a GIRL

  • rob66 says:

    Past exprance with a cut cock

  • Terrence says:

    Hi am actually giving maslf a hand job and it seems like it reduce my performance when it comes to sex ,so i dont know that is it the hand job i do or its me.

  • Paul Gabrielsen says:

    Concerning circumcised VS. not—-
    I am very unique because I was not circumcised till the age of 60, so I can give a candid opinion about this subject.
    (The cut guys cant, the uncut probably never will be).
    Most of the rhetoric on this site just isn’t true.
    Tho successful and more popular & healthy than anyone that dwells on the planet— I was always embarrassed to be naked in front others. I read many articles abut the circumcision procedure and finally had it performed in Atlanta, Georgia about 5 years ago (I lIve in N.Y.) cost was $2500, tho it can be less expensive depending on the doctor.
    I asked like 10 past girl friends and lovers ( I am still friends with them) and ALL were AGAINST being cut except 2 who favored it….tho they all said one way or the other….who really cares.
    The result—I love my new look, the touching, feelings, orgasm and penetration are basically the same, however—
    I had the fendalum also removed so the rubbing under the glans (head) is much, much, much more pleasurable and intense. Even a slight pushing up on sheets covering myself at nite brings orgasmic feelings. And for the first time, I was able to orgasm from my lovers hand and orally too (maybe psychologically I was more confident)
    This talk about the cut penis getting calloused and therefore losing feeling is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE !!! The skin on the penis including the “head” is not the type that can be calloused by nature….does foreskin get calloused, of course not.
    Final result—- circumcise, circumcise, circumcise !!!

  • rob66 says:

    Having a circumcised cock is good girls love to play around with his bare head some like to rub there clit with it this realey gets me off ( think it because its same as onley smaller ) . can feel all a girls vigina on his head . onley bad thing is i sleep naked and basterd cock wakes me up (like a cobra roming round bed)

  • Jack Kay says:

    I am a 69-year-old uncircumcised male, and have always had a high sex drive. My sexual partners were usually good friends before we made love, so it was natural to communicate without inhibition during sex. My orgasms were always very intense pleasurable experiences, in part due to the intimacy achieved prior to intercourse. I would literally howl like a bear upon orgasm. Many of my partners told me that my intense release was a new experience for them, and that most of the men they had been with, exhibited little to no verbal reaction, and they were usually circumcised USA males. It was not unusual for a woman to tell me that she had difficulty determining if an orgasm had occurred in many men.

    I believe there is an inaccuracy in the posit that the foreskin contains the nerve endings that produce the most intense pleasure. If that were so, then an uncircumcised male would prefer to merely pull the foreskin back, and rub it, paying no attention to the glans, which does contain the pleasure-producing nerves, the same as the female clitoris. The foreskin both protects the glans of the penis, and provides and near-perfect amount of friction when moved over the ridge of the glans. The problem with male circumcision is that the glans is generally irritated by underwear over the years, and loses a significant amount of sensitivity. Uncircumcised males need to learn how to control the release of their orgasm at a young age, because the pleasure is so intense for the untrained penis, that premature ejaculation would be a problem. The practice of “edging” should be something that young males are informed about by their parents. Otherwise, their female partners are going to be left unsatisfied.

    In the final analysis, the intensity of pleasure for both parties is vastly increased when there’s positive intimacy established beforehand.

  • rob says:

    a Muslam frend of mine runs a toffey stall on a local market . he has difrent casual young girls working at weekend , one girl dropede her bag wile picking it up she casu\ale tuched his cock she got an emedit reaction as his circumcised penus put its head up she looked up and smiled he noded so she had is ziper down and her hand on it she drow back for a moment and then got his cut cock out . she sead this is like a salami sosage skinless , with that he had some rasbury sause poured a little on his bellend she said that looks good and that was the biging of a great blowjob .i asisted him the folling weaken me having a skinless cock as him . the local british girls had not seen a circumcised cock before al 4 of them took it in turn for the rasbury treets as we sold toffeys to there mates the stall was buzing they had come round to for toffey and to inspect the (salarmey sosages) cut cocks

  • Kip says:

    Coming from a medical family, my mother saw fit to lean towards circumcision at my birth. However they only gave me “half” a circumcision (whatever that means.) Regardless of the extra skin remaining my glands are still exposed. I wouldn’t know any better but I can still masturbate pulling the skin about halfway over the glands, ( no dry rubbing) I learned about chaffage at a young age, and the discomfort of wearing abrhesive boxer briefs most of my life. I feel as if I should have literally wore a condom everywhere I went (to replicate “the toque” ) haha. What’s a toque? Lol. Circumcision was very popular for my generation and whereby live (please refer to “toque”). Over the years Ive had many partners (100 plus), and never ran into an incident of rejection (including that of an adult film star ex), and I have suffered only one incident injury. (She was too tight and one of my veins burst on my shaft). Now in my late 20’s with three boys of my own, the decision was made to not mutilate my children. I explained my case as I’ve already read many men describe. The sensitivity decreased for myself. I didn’t want my children to experience that. We were born with it for a damn reason, if not a “medical concern” I DO NOT recommend continuing to circumcise children (ladies, even if your dude insists on circumcision, be kind and respectful but always remember that the little guy can make the decision later on in life if so desired). My youngest has a tightened opening, not being able to expose the head. so they recommended the circumcision. What they dont tell you is that over time, with particular jelking exercises the foreskin can be stretched so that when he’s sexually active there won’t be any issues. Harsh. My sex life has probably manifested the way it did likely because of this. Over time as the sensitivity decreased, I would peruse more and more sexually promiscuous situations, rougher sex, and even stimulants! Clean and functional by the Grace of the big guy. I find it difficult to ejaculate based off physical sensation alone. I’ve learned to… Soul connect. In my mind this type of release is awesome. And I’m in full control of when I can ejaculate ;). No oopsies, when doing the pullout routine. Yes when giving cut guys HJ , spit on that shit! Luckily my girl still gets the sensation that I am uncut as I do still have extra skin, and I’m thankful for that too. Because I know that a lot of cut guys lose almost an inch because of it (again grateful I don’t have to worry about that either) . Sad sad sad. I feel yah dudes. Control your mind, that’s where it all centers ;).

  • River says:

    I live in the U.S of A. and luckily was never mutilated – because my parents were poor. Growing up I was in a distinct minority at urinals and open showers. No teasing or commentary, just that “look” meaning I was abnormal because I was not one of the butchered tribe. It never bothered me because I had a lot of self-confidence. Different doesn’t mean bad nor inferior. In my limited sexual encounters with females (I’m straight), I never heard any comment about preference from any of them. My wife of many, many years had sex with other men and I’d assume most if not all were cut, but she never commented on any difference or preference. I did notice that mid-marriage she seemed to prefer rougher sex, harder and faster with full thrusts. I assume that was because those other men fucked her that way because they needed more stimulation because their cockheads were desensitized to a certain extent from constant exposure and irritation. My natural inclination is to stay deep and thrust in shorter strokes. Not as rough and more gentle. This natural uncut technique insures that there is constant contact between the cock shaft and a female’s clit resulting in a high probability of orgasm for her – provided the critical psychology is all okay. Our eventual divorce was way more about money than sex, although the two get all tangled up together in most relationships. As for HJs and BJs, I think there is a lot of misinformation and poor (non-existent) sex education out there. Yes, cut males need lubrication to make up for the natural slippery sheath provided by a foreskin. What I never hear or read is that all BJs are actually enhanced HJs. Yes, it’s scientifically true that the most sensitive nerves are on the corona at the back of the glans penis. However, The HAND is also critical because the tight stroking grip simulates the feel of a tight cunt. The so-called deep throating technique is not nearly as satisfying. In fact only the cockhead needs to be in the mouth while the rest of the cock remains outside receiving snug pressure as it is stroked while the tongue and lips work their magic on the head. And one more thing. I’ll bet if you asked a large sample of sexually educated and experienced males about how important coming in their partners mouth and having their cum swallowed is, they would say not necessary and not really stimulating. In fact, when a woman takes an ejaculation in her mouth and then spits it out, this is a graphic sign of rejection, virtual disgust toward my essence as a male. Not that I blame the fellatrix. It’s salty and slimy and was never meant to be swallowed. But why set yourself up for this unpleasant trap? Homo sapiens are visual creatures, especially male homo sapiens. I propose that ejaculation outside her mouth is more satisfying to both partners. And no, in spite of bad porn it doesn’t have to be on her face. Males don’t care (unless their minds are so warped that they equate sexual pleasure with degradation). On the contrary, a male gets a sexual thrill out of the woman WATCHING(and hopefully smiling proudly because she’s given him so much pleasure that he literally bursts!) as he ejaculates his cum regardless of where it lands. All she has to do is take a small dollop on her fingertip and taste it to show acceptance/lack of disgust and very importantly that she is giving the BJ/HJ because she wants to out of love and affection, not out of OBLIGATION. If sex with me is an unpleasant chore or worse a financial transaction (including most marital sex), then do us both a favor and feign a headache. Any male who is being honest will tell you that masturbation results in the second best orgasm precisely because it is a HJ, just like fellatio is when done well. Why second best? Because the very best is ejaculation and orgasm deep in a female’s cunt. Not because it is more physically stimulating. It is not. No, it is the supreme experience for psychological reasons. It fulfills a primal need to inseminate and reproduce, which is what sex is really about when we strip away all the recreational baggage. This is also why you hear the bullshit about condoms reducing sensitivity. My cock has been protected by a foreskin all my life so it is VERY sensitive, yet I can’t tell any difference between skin-to-skin or latex barrier. That is physically. However, deep in my primitive brain I know I’m thwarting the primal purpose of sex: to ejaculate in every female I can to replicate my genetic codes as many times and as often as possible. So we make up lies about “inconvenience”, “spontaneity”, “ruining the mood”, and finally that old saw, “decreased sensitivity”. Free your mind and your body will follow whether cut or all natural.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I just wanted to chip in though and say that while it’s great that you have found what works for you, please try to avoid saying that this is what will – or should – work for everyone whose dick is the same as yours. People have incredibly varied desires and needs, and the main thing is that everyone (whether cut or uncut – it probably doesn’t help people’s self-esteem, and therefore sexual confidence, to be called ‘mutilated’ or ‘butchered’) has the opportunity to explore their own body, and learn what works for them.

      • River says:

        I agree with you about diversity and the importance of self-esteem and confidence. I didn’t mean to imply that my experiences and preferences are universal, but I’ll still bet they are more common than you might think. As for my choice of adjectives, I would point out that FGM stands for female genital mutilation and this is exactly what it is. I think this is a double standard. Just because it is most common in third world countries or in certain religions doesn’t make it any less abhorrent. And just because excision of males’ foreskins is more widespread, especially in the US, doesn’t make it less abhorrent. If females babies in the UK or the US were routinely subjected to having their clitoral prepuces excised soon after birth for whatever reason, be it religious, “hygienic”, conforming to passing fashion, or a singular cosmetic fashion statement, I would be horrified and outraged. Male babies deserve nothing less. However, I do get your point. Once this has been done to you, usually without your permission, you do the best you can to live with it. And yes you deserve to be happy and have as much confidence and self-esteem as anyone else. Indeed If I’d been circumcised at birth, I would be perfectly fine with it because that is all I would have ever known. But I have always had a foreskin, and I can retract it and experience how it feels to be circumcised and constantly exposed to irritation. Not a good feeling, believe me. If you could keep your clitoral hood retracted, you would know what I’m talking about, but amplified many times because of the greater sensitivity of the clitoris compared to the glans penis. If you had been, for whatever reason, circumcised at birth, yes you would have gotten used to it and thought it “normal”. And if you had been born into a social structure where female circumcision was the default appearance/condition, women with clitoral hoods would be considered freaks, sluts, whores, infidels – choose any derogatory label of ostracism that you like. As I said, “different doesn’t mean bad nor inferior”, implying that, yes indeed, everyone deserves self-esteem and sexual confidence, regardless of what others have done to us without our permission. You may be right that perhaps my sexual experience is one of a kind among five billion males, but I don’t think I’m all that special or unique. I was merely trying to inject a grain of truth and realism into an internet universe where misinformation is the norm. One thing I think we can agree on: free speech! Thank YOU for posting my thoughts unedited on YOUR site. I’m impressed and you should be proud of your open minded integrity.

  • Damian says:

    Hi im 43 and my penis is intact thank God! I’ve had a lot of partners over the years and I’ve been there first uncircumcised cock experience, they were amazed at how the foreskin can be pulled right back really tight and tottaly exposing a nicely shaped bulbous moist head that they can gently stimulate and explore and they seemed also amazed when they slide the foreskin over the swollen head tottaly covering it , my foreskin is probably the perfect length so I’ve been told by several partners not to short and not to long. I’m not big noting but most of my partners thought I had a great looking natural cock. It’s so sexy watching a woman pleasure the foreskin in many different ways it’s very erotic for both parties and I would pleasure and explore every fold of there vulva, it’s just really enjoyable working the foreskin and the head together to get the most intense orgasm:) I’ve only experienced a couple of girls that prefer a circumsized penis but they just don’t get it maybe or it’s what they’ve been told. But to all you ladies out the that do prefer a natural uncircumcised cock keep exploring and if any ladies would like to see a natural cock up close I’d be more than happy to show you mine. :)

  • asdfsad says:

    I’ve never once gotten a cut cock off with my hands, the decreased sensitivity is extremely apparent

  • Daniela says:

    My husband was circumcised his 20s before I met him. He had a girlfriend who had grown up in the USA who persuaded him to get circumcised, he was so infatuated with her that he did. When we first got together all was fine, it looked good and worked fine. But over the years his glans has become more and more dry. Over 30 years on it is very leathery, a dull brownish colour rather than the bright sexy thing it used to be. And almost all the sensitive has gone. He says he doesn’t feel much at all before he comes, and even then it’s a dull climax rather than the powerful ones he used to have. He says getting circumcised was his biggest mistake. He is just sad. I’m angry that the selfish preferences of another woman caused this. Even though I really know she probably knew no better and probably only knew circumcised penises back home. And that ultimately it was my husbands choice.
    Most of all, I wish anyone who was thinking about having themselves or their child circumcised could see what has happened to my husbands penis. It may look and feel good for a while but it is inevitable that an uncovered penis will eventually dry out and lose sensitivity. Men have foreskins for a reason.

  • Claire says:

    I’m a lesbian and not attracted to men. I have always been intrigued by penises though, in a curious rather than sexual way. I’d always noticed that there seemed to be two very different types of penis, one with a colourful head at the end and one more like an anteater without the head. But never really understood why they were different. Then once I was staying over with two guy friends who are gay. Given our preferences, there was never any need for modesty e.g. when walking back and forward from the bathroom. I noticed that each of the guys had a different type of dick so asked them about it. They explained that one of them is circumcised and what that means, and the other guy showed me how his foreskin pulled back and forwards. Wow! They both let me see their dicks and touch them. I gave them both handjobs, not being familiar with penises I found it thrilling in a strange way. Not in a normal sexy lustful way but still very exciting.
    This left me with two takeaways. Firstly I am still not attracted to men in that I don’t fancy them, have no sexual or romantic feeling for them or have any desire to have sex with them. A penis will never turn me on the way a vagina does. But I still have a fascination with penises and will give my two friends a handjob now and again for old times sake. I wonder if this is normal for people with my leanings (the guys have seen my vagina but have no real interest in it, I have to wank myself while doing them!).
    And both penises were great. But for the life of me I can’t understand why anyone would choose to remove a healthy foreskin. An uncircumcised guy can roll his skin back and do everything a circumcised guy can. But the reverse is not true. And I just love rolling it back and forwards.
    I can see why you would have been unsure how to play with a circumcised penis for the first time.

  • David says:

    In the UK my fathers generation were predominantly circumcised (stopped around 1950 because circumcision was not provided for free in the new NHS). So as a boy although my penis was covered in skin, the adult ones we saw all had the exposed glans. I could roll the skin back so it looked like a small version of my Dads, but assumed that adulthood mine would look like his. From puberty, we were much more likely to leave our foreskins back than guys do today as this was our expectation of an adult penis.
    Girls would leave the skin back and play with it like a circumcised penis. And if the skin had rolled forward, they would pull it back and leave it there. I quickly learned from them that handjobs which rub the bottom of the glans and the skin just below it are much more intense than rolling the skin back and forwards.
    Girl on the Net I would say to you firstly, please don’t be shy to give handjobs. Yours will always feel better than ones we give ourself, having a woman play with my penis is so much more intense than doing it myself. And secondly, to maximise that please don’t just use the foreskin. Push it down out of the way and massage where the glans meets the shaft, particularly underneath. You may need to start very gently if it is sensitive but he will thank you for it!

  • Jane says:

    I think the perception is different for a woman as opposed to a man. A straight woman will usually have encountered a number of cocks, invariably erect, and foreskin back. To me at least, circumcised or not circumcised, they’re not much different erect.

    On the other hand most straight guys will only encounter other cocks in the locker room. Not erect. I am a nurse so while working I have encountered many flaccid ones, they are very different when covered in their foreskin vs uncovered. I do agree that younger guys are more likely to be covered by their foreskin, older guys tend to be circumcised or often leave the foreskin back. Occasionally a young guy will try to shock me by pulling it back during a consultation. They are then mighty embarrassed when I reach down and pull the foreskin back over the penis head and tell them it’s best to leave it like that when they are not using it :)

  • Jane says:

    This is a sad story Daniela. I’m a nurse and can confirm that the penis head becomes very dry and leathery in older guys where circumcised or foreskin has been left retracted for many years. The technical term is Keratinization. I’m too young to have had a sexual encounter with such a penis, circumcised guys my age are less sensitive than uncircumcised guys but their penises still work well in my experience but I can see how the more dry and leathery they become with age, the less pleasurable they will give. Your description of the dullness and lack of colour are consistent with uncovered penis heads I’ve seen on older men. Men have foreskins for a reason If you can, it’s best to leave them covering the penis head (or if too short, as much of the penis head as they can cover).

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