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Butt plug training: from zero to heroic fucking

The first time I did this, I was alone. I’ve done lots of unusual sexy things on my own: from self-bondage with tight corsets to masturbation challenges and anything else that might keep my horny mind entertained. But few things have felt quite as unusual as lying on my side on the bed, one hand rummaging behind me, and sliding a plug into my arse in the name of ‘butt plug training.’


Guest blog: What happened when she released me from chastity…

As regular readers will know, I’m a sucker for amazing ‘first times‘. And today’s guest blogger, Sara, has one hell of a hot first time story to tell you. She gave herself over to her girlfriend to ‘use’ as she saw fit, and after an intense few days locked in a chastity belt, she was begging for release…


The girth issue: why I miss anal fucking

Most of my sex fantasies include some anal fucking somewhere: pushing back against someone’s cock to slide it all the way in… being told I’m a ‘good girl’ for taking something bigger than I usually would… or just being told to lube up and brace myself. Unnngh… hot. And yet despite this I can’t remember the last time I actually had anal sex.


Guest blog: The most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had

I wish I could remember my most powerful orgasm. Although I don’t believe in an afterlife, I like to think that if there was one, you’d get some ‘life stats’ before you passed over to the other side. Someone would tell you what your happiest day was, and you’d get to relive it. You’d get a tally of how many people, over the course of your existence, had nursed a giant crush on you. And you could see footage of your most powerful orgasm.

Although I can’t remember my own most powerful orgasm, today’s guest blogger can remember his. He is here to tell you all about it –  as well as the hot fuck that produced it – in deliciously pervy detail. Enjoy!


I want you to have your own room

There is something very sexy about you having your own room. I don’t mean your own bedroom – although there’s definitely a flutter of hot lust in my gut when I imagine you visiting my room for a functional fuck. Emptying your aching balls into me then disappearing into a den of your own for some proper rest. Like an entitled duke in some historical erotica. Using me because you can, then keeping the rest of your life separate and secret, so all I can do is lust from a distance and wish I could get closer.