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Free use secretary 1: The interview

This is the first in a series I’m going to call ‘Wank tales’ – some of the stories I see in my head that get me off when I’m wanking. This one – Free use secretary (The interview) – has elements of free use, power imbalance, and I think some elements of non-consent. Not sure on that, though. I’m consenting to this scenario, because I created it, and none of these people are real – they’re just manifestations of my own perversions as they play out in my head. They’re not real human beings, they’re my fuckpuppets. Were this sort of thing to happen in real life I would be straight on the phone to HR. As explained in detail in last week’s post, I have a kink for misogyny. I get off on scenes and behaviour that I abhor in real life, so while this could make for a hot (consensual) role play, it should never be taken as an instruction manual, or a desire I would like to fulfil in any way other than as play. As I say, it’s hard to judge whether this needs a warning, so here’s a summary instead: this is a story about a dismissive boss interviewing a woman to be his secretary in which he aggressively fucks her like he’s using her holes while she has to continue with a job interview as normal. Dunno where that falls on the content note scale.


Fuck: an ode to the joy of fucking

This lovely ode to the joy of fucking is written by Ms Naughty who runs Bright Desire, and is read by Girl on the Net. Bright Desire sponsor my blog and make beautiful porn – both audio and video. Click the link to check out more glorious filth! 

Fuck. It’s such a potent word. So strong, so sexual, so taboo. I love to say fuck, just as I love to fuck. A good session of fucking can be made so much more by an accompanying session of talking fuck.


Guest blog: My quest for the perfect butt plug

Is there such a thing as the perfect butt plug? Finding the right one for you is a hell of a fun quest to embark upon, and I always love hearing about people’s sex-nerdy adventures down the sex toy rabbit hole, hunting for exactly the item that’s perfect for them. Today’s guest blogger is back after an incredible opening post about what prostate orgasms feel like, to share some tips and advice on how to choose the perfect butt plug for you. Hopefully it’ll get you thinking not only about what you want from the perfect sex toy, but also pondering (as I now am)… what exactly is the collective noun for butt plugs?


Sexy threats: Threaten me with a good time

One of my early boyfriends used to make my cunt gush using only five words. Whispered into my ear over drinks with friends, mouthed at me across a crowded room, I think even sometimes pinged into my Nokia phone with a knicker-moistening chime, one of the horniest things to hear from someone you fancy: “you’re SO gonna get it.”


Guest blog: The hat trick – cum in each hole

I probably don’t even need to write an intro for this one. The awesome Focused and Filthy (@FocusedFilthy) – she of the astonishingly hot blog, gorgeous photographs, and deliciously creative fucking, is here to tell you about the ‘hat trick’. And by ‘hat trick’ she means getting cum in each hole. As I say, needs no introduction. As long as I’ve SEO’d it properly, this is going to be the one of the most popular guest blogs of 2022, possibly of all time (and I’ve been doing this for eleven years). Missy’s exceptionally filthy and joyous descriptions of getting cum in her mouth, cunt and ass live up so beautifully to the promise of the title, I have no doubt that this post will launch ten thousand wanks. Have at it.