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Summer fucking: all that filthy, sweaty sex

This gorgeous tour through dirty thoughts about summer fucking is written by Quinn Rhodes, and originally appeared on hir website. It is read here by Girl on the Net.

It’s summer, and all I can think about is fucking. Even when it’s too hot to fuck, the heat just seems to be making me more and more horny. My mind is filled with filthy thoughts and I’ve pulled a few of these together to share with y’all here, in lieu of a blog post that requires me to think of coherent points. I’m far too turned on for that.


Punishment by proxy: belted and fucked

This story contains elements of consensual non-consent: i.e. when someone feigns reluctance in order to heighten the atmosphere of a sexual play scene. I think I’ve done pretty well at writing her enthusiastic consent into the story, but I’m adding this warning on the off-chance that I’ve been clumsy with it. If CNC isn’t your sort of thing, or if you struggle to distinguish between fantasy and instruction manual, please don’t read on. On the other hand, if this sounds like your cup of tea and you like the idea of punishment by proxy – being given a beating by someone who isn’t your usual top/dispenser of BDSM discipline – then this might appeal to you. Especially if you, like me, enjoy the ‘thwack’ of the belt… 


Guest blog: Bent over the kitchen table

The sun is out, and I don’t know about you but I’m feeling pretty horny. So it’s lovely to have a sexy guest blog about one of my favourite things: being bent over the kitchen table for pervy purposes. Please welcome back regular guest blogger @pervy_thoughts!  And if you enjoy this you may enjoy some of his other guest blogs too – fucking in a fifth wheel, the London Naked Bike Ride and sex after sixty.


Guest blog: Using belts to explore the edges of my kink

This week’s guest blogger is here today to talk about something that I love when it comes to BDSM: belts. It’s a beautifully personal exploration of her own kinks and limits, and the exploration of those limits within a safe environment. It is also, like so much of Hannah’s other work, so hot you might need to go for a lie down after reading it…


Strap me to a table and give me as a gift

This post is heavily BDSM-focused, and includes things like extreme pain, spanking, humiliation and some themes of consensual non-consent. If that’s not your thing please don’t read on. If that is your thing, welcome to the inside of my head…

This Christmas I want to be your gift to someone else. Tied up tight in rope instead of ribbon. Bent, spread, and sworn to silence. I want you to strap me with a belt to make me meek and compliant, prepare me so I look just how you want me to: then I want you to give me to someone else.