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Your dominant orders: “Bring me a pretty cock.”

This gorgeous erotic fiction in which your dominant instructs you to “bring me a pretty cock” is written and read by JM Seaborn of WrittenInKink.com

You close the door to the hotel room and your heart starts beating at double time. The click of the lock is like a starter’s gun but it’s also a seal. Encasing you in this room with two men. One, your lover. Your playmate. A man you trust. The other, a complete stranger. A stranger you picked out yourself.


Guest blog: Straight men can’t joke

As a general rule I don’t like people quoting me in guest blogs on my own site. It feels too recursive and narcissistic, even for me. BUT. Today’s guest – Oscar, big big thanks to him – has a really important point to make, and straight people (STRAIGHT MEN) need to hear it. It’s about a topic extremely close to my heart, and vitally important in my (and so many other people’s) dating lives. Actually fuck it, not just their dating lives, their lives in general. Today we’re gonna talk about jokes. Specifically, why it appears that straight men can’t joke with women who they might also be interested in boning…


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Guest blog: Still not straight

Today I have an awesome bonus guest blog – Danielle Meaney is an awesome blogger, and she’d like to have a word about bisexuality.

Still Not Straight

I’ve watched with glee as attitudes towards the LGBT community have monumentally shifted in recent years. Last week’s decision by the US Supreme Court to allow nationwide same sex marriages is just one act in a long list of  changes that mean more acceptance and tolerance for those that come under the LGBT banner, and by ‘those’, I mean ‘us’.

However, I feel like a forgotten member of the LGBT community; that really I have no right to identify myself as one of them, because no one else sees me as such. At least, not anymore.