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First time femme domme: anticipation, pain and pleasure

This fabulous first time femme domme story is written and recorded by Robyn of RobynEatsEverything. This piece contains BDSM including impact play, nipple clamps, and a pinwheel.

As my finger hovers a centimetre away from their skin, threatening to make contact, they start to beg; they whimper and whine and plead with me to touch them. Their face is contorted, their eyes crumpled closed, as though the lack of touch is causing them excruciating pain. I study them and consider gently pushing my finger into their chest, granting them the relief they’re so desperate for, but only briefly; it is far too delicious watching them tremble and quake. As my finger continues to float its way across their naked body, closely following the contours of their chest, they let out an anguished groan as they realise they’re not going to feel it.


Fantasy and reality often overlap: Kinky threesome erotica

This stunning kinky threesome erotica, with two submissive women and one dominant guy, is written and read beautifully by The Barefoot Sub, and originally appeared on her website. 

We arrive in the usual way. Well, usual for me. Heels, skirts, no knickers, bare legs. Not getting noticed in the lobby and slipping through his door after I take a deep breath in and out. As we settle I unpack the items he has asked me to bring. The wand, my strap on, my coir rope and some cotton lengths too, along with some of my impact toys. Satisfied that they are all there (not that I didn’t check them over thee times before taking my bag to the car) I take another deep breath and turn to you. Feasting my eyes on you one more time, the salacious grin on my face mirroring the one plastered on yours before we break eye contact.


Guest blog: A kickass way to use audio porn during sex

I GET THE BEST MAIL. This guest blog is an (almost entirely unedited) email from a reader saying thanks for the audio porn. And while normally I wouldn’t publish emails that consist of people saying nice things about me, this contained an ingenious use of audio that I wanted to share with you all. I often hear from people who say they listen to the audio with their partner, or share links with people they’re shagging to start a chat about new kinks/things to try, but this piece – from Fahrenheit – includes a beautifully creative use of audio porn during sex that had not occurred to me. I am so grateful for this – it brings me a proper thrill to learn that people are out there getting their kinky fuck on to the work that I (and the amazing team of guest writers/readers) produce here.


Guest blog: My rumbling, shuddering, aching cock

I’m so delighted to welcome Valery North back to the blog today! Valery has guest blogged before, most recently writing a fantastic overview of rimming sex toys, and attempting to recreate the unique sensation of being rimmed. And recently, courtesy of my site sponsors Hot Octopuss, hae had the opportunity to try out the fucking amazing (and – as far as I know – completely unique) Hot Octopuss JETT. Valery’s written about this amazing ‘turbo drive for your cock’ in this fabulous post, and here hae’s going to extend the fun a little with a gorgeous piece of erotic fiction in which JETT is the star of the show. And frankly, as someone who can rarely resist someone writing about their aching cock and the ways they relieve that ache, I’m extremely grateful to Valery for dropping by…


Kept in the dark: BDSM cuckolding erotica

This gorgeous erotic fiction piece is written by Spencer Pritchard, and read aloud here by Matt Johnson. Note that this BDSM cuckolding erotica contains consensual power play, and uses the word ‘slave’ within a kink context.  

I can feel the fabric pulled tight across my eyes. Anticipation making my fingers twitch as I fight the urge to lift the blindfold before you command me to, your last words still sat in my ears: “Do not remove that until I tell you too, or else you won’t get your treat.”