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Blindfolded and eaten out

This glorious erotica about being blindfolded and eaten out is written and read by the fabulous Sherryl Blu

We’d been hooking up for a couple of weeks and enjoying fucking each other often.


Tickle my fancy – tickling kink erotica

This stunning tickling kink erotica is written and read by Molly Moore, and originally appeared on her website. 

He points at the bed.

“Lay down.”

It’s a request, not a command, but I take up his offer. The messages he had sent me earlier today gave me the distinct impression he had plans for me tonight. Not a punishment as such – we don’t play like that – but maybe ‘a lesson to learn’ is a better phrase.


My boyfriend wants your cock and so do I

This glorious story – My boyfriend wants your cock and so do I – is written and read by Ariadne Awakes. Find her other work here on Literotica, and check out her Patreon for more amazing audio smut.

You decide to bring my fantasy to life one night when you invite your friend around to fuck me. It turns out you’ve got fantasies of you own. How did you know they were mine too?

“If you’re a very good girl for me and let him fuck you hard, I might just suck his big dick for you, how about that?”

And just like that, all the doubt and panic melts away and I’m on him.


The blue scarf – She teases her slut

This glorious erotic fiction is written by E. L. Byrne and read aloud here by Sherryl Blu

She wraps the pale blue scarf tightly around my eyes. I can’t see anything and my breath catches. I’m nervous. I trust her, we’ve talked about this in detail, but now that the darkness is upon me…