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My lesbian adventure (part 2): Fucking herself on my fingers

This is part 2 of Isabelle Lauren‘s gorgeous lesbian adventure story, read by Carolyna Luna. This part leaps straight in to the action where the previous one left off. You can catch up on part 1 – I want to taste you – at that link.

I hand her the butt plug and suddenly, I don’t want to try it anymore. I’m scared it will hurt. But I know I will regret it forever if I back out.

“Lie down on your back, feet up.”

It sounds almost clinical, but it’s the right tone. My nervousness disappears and I get into position.


My lesbian adventure (part 1): I want to taste you

This gorgeous fictional lesbian adventure story is written by Isabelle Lauren, and originally appeared on her website. It is read here by Carolyna Luna.

By the time I make it through customs I’m a nervous wreck. This was a bad idea. Meeting a random stranger I met on the internet for a weekend of no-consequences fun. I mean, I used to do that when I was in university, but that was twenty years ago. I’m a lot older now – and my body bears the marks. Of course it’s insanity to travel halfway across the world to be fucked by a stranger. But she’s not just a stranger. We’ve been chatting online for a year and she has become a close friend. There’s no one I’d rather have my first lesbian adventure with than her.


Guest blog: My quest for the perfect butt plug

Is there such a thing as the perfect butt plug? Finding the right one for you is a hell of a fun quest to embark upon, and I always love hearing about people’s sex-nerdy adventures down the sex toy rabbit hole, hunting for exactly the item that’s perfect for them. Today’s guest blogger is back after an incredible opening post about what prostate orgasms feel like, to share some tips and advice on how to choose the perfect butt plug for you. Hopefully it’ll get you thinking not only about what you want from the perfect sex toy, but also pondering (as I now am)… what exactly is the collective noun for butt plugs?


Guest blog: What counts as ‘too many’ sex toys?

You’ve met today’s guest blogger before – Elena Bennet dropped by a few months ago with this gloriously horny post about the sex surge during menopause, bringing everyone a thrill of delight by sharing her sex Renaissance with us all. Today is your opportunity to repay that lovely favour, because she has an important question on which she’d like your advice. If you have too many sex toys and it starts getting tricky to hide them from prying eyes, how the hell do you store them? Take it away Elena – everyone else, do chip in with your tips below.


Hot Octopuss Plex prompted some fun anal experiments

I don’t know if I’m allowed to just invent a piece of sex etiquette, like I’m the editor of NSFW Debrett’s, but if I were allowed to do that, I’d suggest an etiquette rule like this: if you’re fucking someone with a butt toy in, and you have the ability to hold it there while you pound them, you absolutely should. So for instance, if we’re fucking doggy-style, one hand laid on my butt with a steadying thumb against the base of the plug (not pushing in, just holding still) will calm my anxious mind and mean I can focus on the shag rather than the worry that I’m about to inadvertently shoot it across the room. This rule brought to you by a woman who – no matter how safe the butt plug or how secure it feels in my ass, the second you start to plough away I will immediately panic that my lubed-up arse might accidentally blast it at your stomach like a rocket launcher. My top concern with anal toys is not whether they’re going to get in, but whether they might just slip out. That was my key concern with the Hot Octopuss Plex, and why I tested it in ways that may seem silly to you, but which for me formed vital anxiety-calming prep before I (hopefully) get to use this during sex.