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Butt plug training: from zero to heroic fucking

The first time I did this, I was alone. I’ve done lots of unusual sexy things on my own: from self-bondage with tight corsets to masturbation challenges and anything else that might keep my horny mind entertained. But few things have felt quite as unusual as lying on my side on the bed, one hand rummaging behind me, and sliding a plug into my arse in the name of ‘butt plug training.’


Guest blog: A trip with my butt plug – the joy of the Hotel Wank

The most popular sex toy to write about on a sex blog is the humble butt plug. It gets more search traffic than almost any other term. Perhaps because butt plugs are one of the most universal sex toys: they aren’t limited by the kind of genitals you have, and the variations in size or texture mean there are so many kinds of butt plug that there’s something for (almost) everyone. So I’m delighted to welcome this week’s guest blogger who, after experimenting with butt plugs with his wife, decided to take one of their new toys on a solo trip, and fold it into one of the best kinds of wank: the luxury, private, unrestrained hotel wank.


Sexy link roundup: buttplugs, getting caught and happy femdom

It’s that time again – Saturday’s sexy link roundup for you to peruse. Click the headings to see the full posts from the people in question, and see if you can guess which my favourite link is for this week…


How many different butt plugs does one person need?

How many different butt plugs does the average person need? My gut instinct would be to say two or three – so you have a bit of variety on size and material if you want it, but you’re not struggling for butt plug storage space. But then, as I was auditing my sex toy collection in preparation for writing a wish list, I realised that I have far more than three, and I still haven’t got all the different butt plugs I really want. My most used sex toy is the Doxy, and I’d cite floggers as my favourite thing to collect, but I have at least 5 different kinds of butt plug, and I still want more to complete my ideal set. They come in so many different varieties that I can illustrate exactly why I want so many. So although I suck at actually reviewing sex toys, I can definitely take you on a journey of all the different butt plugs I want. Ready? Let’s go.


MMF fantasy: watching both of their faces

I like the way a guy’s dick twitches when I push something into him – like a butt plug. I like to watch that twitch as the plug slips inside – that quick pulse of his cock that tells me it’s settled neatly into the right place.

His face twitches too. A flicker of pain/lust/need/satisfaction – one or all, delete as appropriate.

And that’s why I want him to get fucked in the ass while he fucks me.