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Guest blog: Fuck thy neighbour

Today’s guest blogger, Grace from London, has a really hot story to share with you. About oral sex and orgasms, communication and expectation. About her neighbour, who she fucks. Spectacularly. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did…


Terrible sex tips: How to be bad in bed

To be honest I struggle to explain to people how they can be good in bed. When asked for sex advice, my answers are boring and waffly, because being ‘good in bed’ depends so much on your own desires, and those of your partner. But the other day I re-watched ‘How To Maximise Misery’ by CGP Grey, and I figured it may be easier to explain things the other way round. So here’s how to be really bad in bed. I should warn you in advance, though: while all humans have the capacity to be a bit bad in bed, being truly bad in bed requires dedication and hard work…


Power, lust and agency: Is Fleabag’s priest abusive?

If you’ve been following developments, a couple of weeks ago I wrote about Fleabag’s priest and the art of longing. I wallowed a little in the horny joy of seeing two people who really want each other try desperately not to want each other. Today I’m screeching into a whole new lane, thanks to some discussion that’s come up on my Twitter feed: let’s talk about whether the priest is abusive.

The following post contains spoilers for Fleabag, so if you want to watch it check it out on BBC iPlayer before you read on. 


“I’m jealous and insecure. Can you help me?”

“Who’s this?” I ask him, hand shaking as I hold the phone, complete with text that I definitely wish I hadn’t read. It’s the first time in my life that I realise I’m jealous. Until then I had never expected to be. He shakes his head in reply, mumbles, and tells me that he fucked her.


Guest blog: Erotic hypnosis, red flags and ghosting

This week’s guest blogger is Alice, and she’s here to talk to you about erotic hypnosis – the way she played with a guy called Hypnodom. As with a most sex stories, the sexy experiences are coloured by the experiences that happen alongside them. And Alice wanted to tell the whole story here: not just how she got involved with Hypnodom, and the ways they played together, but what happened later down the line, and how things ended…