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The Inspection (part 2): “Subject is clearly aroused”

This is ‘Inspection’ – part 2 of a fantasy written and read by Molly Moore. Click to listen to Inspection (part 1): He appraises me if you’d like to catch up before you dive into this. Note that this story has elements of consensual non-consent and coercion, as well as fairly graphic debasement, humiliation and clinical medical play.

It’s surprisingly comfortable. The metal of the stirrups is cold on the back on my calves but is the only real discomfort. Physical discomfort that is. Everything else about this is uncomfortable though. As I lean back and he finishes tightening the straps across my legs I realise that the leg supports have a kind of ratchet system so when you slowly guide my legs apart the supports lock into place holding me open. I cover my eyes with my hands. I can feel the heat of embarrassment burning on my face. He is busying himself over to the side. Moving things around, getting trays. I listen but can’t bear to watch or to see him inspecting me like this.


The blue scarf – She teases her slut

This glorious erotic fiction is written by E. L. Byrne and read aloud here by Sherryl Blu

She wraps the pale blue scarf tightly around my eyes. I can’t see anything and my breath catches. I’m nervous. I trust her, we’ve talked about this in detail, but now that the darkness is upon me…


Make up sex: I’d forgotten what kisses taste like

When the fuck is done, he doesn’t ask why I’m crying. Even though this is make up sex, and this weeping is more intense than any that’s come before. He doesn’t ask why, he just holds me. Kneeling on the floor, with my arms wrapped round his neck, and his spunk rapidly cooling on the inside of my thighs, I sob and sob and sob. And he doesn’t ask me why.


Guest blog: Fuck me to tears

Today’s guest blogger is the fantastic freelance journalist and host of the Second Circle Podcast, Franki Cookney (@frankicookney on Twitter). I’m a huge fan of her work, because she is as much a fan of overthinking about sex as I am. Today she’s here to talk about crying after sex – what is it, during intense sex and orgasm, that sometimes causes the tears to start flowing? We associate tears with sadness, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t often hot…


Greedy for punishment: beat me harder

This story is quite brutal – it’s about a BDSM fantasy/dream thing in which I want him to beat me as hard as possible. It’s entirely consensual, because it all happens inside my head. But if consensual non-consent isn’t your thing, or if you are in any way confused by the fact that fantasy doesn’t indicate what someone wants in reality, please don’t read it.