Being unclean: I don’t shower after sex

One of the lies I tell most frequently is this one: “I’ll have a shower when I get home.” I almost definitely won’t shower after sex. If you’ve just nailed me into a sweaty, jizz-covered mess, the last thing I’ll want to do is rinse it off and go home smelling of shampoo and roses.

Why I won’t shower after sex

Why? Because fucking smells fucking good.

Not just the smell of your cock – the smell of your cock mixed with sweat and come. The smell of your come mixed with the scent of my own cunt. This smell, by the way, is utterly unique to every guy. Transport me back in time to any post-sex, jizz-dripping haze and I’d be able to tell you just from the smell exactly who I’d been shagging.

Smell is deeply evocative. The smell of a searing-hot day can take me back to memories of Florida, even though I haven’t been there since I was fifteen. Certain markets smell like Korea, tangerines smell like Christmas, there’s a particular washing powder that smells like my ex…

And your spunk drying on my sweaty, naked tits smells like decadence, happiness, and utter filth.

You smell fucking good

Apologies to the boys who might be upset to hear about this, but if you leave your clothes at my house I will do bad things with them.

If you leave your boxers I’ll hold them over my mouth, pinch my own nipples, and masturbate to the memories of burying my face in your crotch. If you are one of the rare few who I’ve let sleep in my bed, chances are I’ve slept on your side the next day, with knickers pulled halfway down so I can touch myself while breathing you in.

Is that creepy? Maybe. Probably not quite as creepy as the fact that I still have a t-shirt a boy left at my house many moons ago that no longer smells like his sex-sweat because I’ve sniffed it all out.

Certainly not as creepy as the fact that, while I’m writing this, I’m occasionally taking deep, long breaths of my right hand, because it smells like jizz and lube and one particular boy.

I hate washing that smell off my hands.

It’s probably not totally hygienic, but the idea of showering all that away – the sex sweat and the come and the lingering scent of fucking – seems like a total waste: I’d no more rush into the shower than I’d spit instead of swallow.


  • Rob says:

    Wow, very hot :)

  • duffy says:

    Right or wrong doesn’t matter – great horny read so more power to your sweaty, smelly hand x

  • Kandy says:

    I think that’s totally normal. I couldn’t imagine washing away great smells either.

  • Totally anonymous username says:

    Why do you think they’re leaving their clothes behind..?

    • girlonthenet says:

      Good question, but actually I suspect the answer is ‘because they’ve forgotten to pick them up’ or something similarly unsexy. I once told a guy that I wore his boxers for a posh-wank, and he was utterly horrified. He then made me wash them, which is cruel beyond belief.

      • sickkid1972 says:

        The fool!

        If I thought you were snorting away at my discarded undies and diddling yourself to a messy climax, I’d at least want to watch it happen… then maybe recharge them for you afterwards… ;-)

        …after all, you’d do the same for me … right? ;-)

      • Totally anonymous username says:

        Silly men. Especially that one.

        Anyway, I also love coming home smelling of fucking. It’s also rather fun to go somewhere completely inappropriate with spunk drying in my knickers (or to get my freshly-showered boy to fuck me one more time before we have to leave so he can go to work…)

        I recently realised that, given that he has several pairs of my destroyed knickers stashed in his room, it was only reasonable that I have some that smell of him (possibly inspired at least in part by your post on ‘what to do with my knickers’…) so I chose a nice slippery satiny pair and got him to wank into them. Sadly, they seem to smell more of washing powder than of him, but they are still fun to play with, thanks to the shiny little marks, and the memory of how those got there. I think next time I’ll have to go with a new pair so they don’t already smell. (Or just steal some of his.)

  • MJ says:

    Oh yes! I dislike it when I’m asked “would you like to get cleaned up?” Erm, no, not really but now that you’ve asked I suppose I should.

    I was with a boy last week who came in my hair, on my face and on my tits. I had to get straight off to work. The memories of the morning, awoken from the smell of him, got me through those 8 hours incredibly quickly, my mind was not on the job.

    • Totally anonymous username says:

      Yes, quite. I want a man to make me feel dirty (like in your second paragraph), not grubby (like in your first.)

  • anonymouse says:

    very hot. can definitely attest to that scent. unfortunately, not something i personally get to experience for more than a few minutes post-sex — it seems to be a very japanese thing to shower (or at least, clean oneself up) afterwards. not that i usually mind – showering with him is kind of fun…

  • marie says:

    I love that you’ve written this blog post, and basically voiced everything I do. When I’ve had morning sex I want to let him leave and then lie sweatily in bed all day, occasionally putting a finger in my cunt and then sniffing it. It was the best thing at college when I’d fuck my boyfriend in the morning or in a free period and then saunter knowingly to lessons with cum drying on the inside of my thighs. Nothing better than having your cunt still throbbing and having to concentrate on something else. And no-one else knowing, although you feel like you’ve got it written all over your face. (Probably because some of it is actually on your face).

    Ah, boy’s cum is fucking wonderful…

  • Chillibeer says:

    What a great and original post.

    I’ve never admitted it before but after a night (or morning) of sex and a rushed shower before work my cock will still faintly smell of pussy, especially when pull back my foreskin. Every bathroom break that day is a pleasant reminder of what just happened.

  • Victoria says:

    I had a lover who would lie there as I showered and dressed for work… Watch me do my hair and makeup, put on my fresh clean lingerie and stockings and then get out of bed and and fuck my freshly showered pussy… I would say “don’t cum in me, I’ll suck you, I have to go to work” he would laugh and take great pleasure in spurting his ample load deep inside me before carefully repositioning my knickers to retain his semen…. I would feign frustration at the mess while secretly loving the sensation and feeling of sitting at my desk or in meetings with wet cum stained knickers and the feeling of pure wetness all day… I would visit the ladies and send him a photo of my cream stained usually black panties and add “your fault” I would slip a finger in and lick it, savouring the taste of our juices…. Feeling slightly guilty and bad for being such a dirty girl….. Relieves to know Im not alone!!

  • Tommy says:

    I came so hard to your lovely filth! I want to taste your prior lover while devouring you <3

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