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Cuckqueaned by a sex doll

This stunning story about being cuckqueaned by a sex doll is written and read by The Barefoot Sub, and originally appeared on her website. 

In the cocoon of my blindfold, bound to the bed, with just the sound of my chosen porn scene for company, I’d been nervous at his absence. But that didn’t stop the arousal from warming my body. The anticipation at what was to come began to seep out of me as I feel his weight shift the mattress. The movement settles, tipping me in my bonds ever so slightly towards him. But just as my body cranes in that direction two hands reach in from above to hold my head steady. Again the mattress sighs and a third body climbs on.


She wants to watch her husband fuck me

This gorgeous story about a wife watching her husband fuck is written and read by Molly Moore


Anticipation – BDSM/cuckqueaning erotica

This BDSM/cuckqueaning erotica was written by Cal (@uncmfrtblynmb) and originally appeared on his Medium blog. It is read here by Girl on the Net. 

Allison tasted the raw leather of the whip held between her dry lips. She felt the perspiration breaking out at her hairline, it was warm in her seat in the corner, with the dappled late afternoon sun shining on her naked back, but more from the stress position she was in. The wraparound chair was comfortable in its own right, but with her back hunched over and wrists cuffed to her ankles, which were in turn bound to the front legs of the chair, she was struggling.


Private eyes – a voyeurism story

This delightful voyeurism story, by Molly Moore, originally appeared on her website. It is read aloud here as audio by the author herself. One of the people in the story uses the word ‘Daddy’ as an honorific, but all participants are consenting, not related, and over the age of 18.

I hadn’t been out long, twenty minutes or maybe half an hour but it was dark by the time I got home. I plonked the few bits I had gone to the shop for on the side in the kitchen and listened. It seemed rather quiet, too quiet really and when I went round to the front room the sofa was empty. When I had gone out they had been sitting together on the sofa. That is where I had left them and it hadn’t entered my head they wouldn’t still be there when I got home.


By the time my coffee is cold, he’ll have fucked her

Recently I have been trying to get to grips with the idea of sending my partner off to go and fuck other women while I wait alone at home, ideally wanking and finding the whole thing very sexy, at the very least feeling happy that he’s happy: a brief flash of compersion. It is not easy, but one of the ways I am trying to become acquainted with it is to write erotic stories about it. Here’s one of them.  (more…)