She wants to watch her husband fuck me

Image by the fabulous Molly Moore

This gorgeous story about a wife watching her husband fuck is written and read by Molly Moore

She says she wants to watch her husband fuck me.

In the past it has always been me doing the watching. I have been the wife or girlfriend sitting to the side in a pool of my own aching desire as my partner has taken his pleasure in another right before my eyes. I have been the voyeur and whilst I have also been the watched I was fucking my partner, not someone else’s.

But she says she wants to watch and who am I to deny her that dirty pleasure.

He is taller me than me. Satisfyingly so. He makes me feel small, towered over. I like that. He is also broad, with shoulder and biceps that quite frankly I want to spend hours running my hands and mouth over and maybe my camera too in an attempt to capture the beauty of his muscled form and maybe something of this moment. I want to learn him and smell him, actually what I really want is to smell him on me. I purposely didn’t wear any scent today so that later, afterwards, the scent that would cling to my skin was his, not mine.

As I write this I now I find myself wondering about her; the watcher, the witness to this desire. Would she take that photo for me? My mouth against his shoulder, lips on skin, inhaling his scent. Fingers trailing down the curve of his bicep. Would she watch and gather those moments, capturing them in her minds eye and in her camera. Could she concentrate enough or would her needy cunt distract her from her task?

I think there is only one way to find out.

He leans down, pulling me close. His mouth closes over mine. I instinctively find myself pressing my body into his, pulling him against me. We have not even taken off any of our clothes yet and my body aches with longing for her husband.

We smile into each others mouths as we hear a little groan from beside us. She is holding the camera to her chest, it momentarily forgotten in her hands as she drinks in the sight of us. It appears it not just me who is enjoying themselves. He glances over at her. What he sees seems to reassure him and his lips curl into a smile and a small nod of acknowledgement, of permission maybe, passes between them and then he turns his attention back to me and I start to unbutton his shirt.

This man: he is not mine. In fact he is very very hers but for now, in this moment, it is me he is kissing. A hand on the side of my face and one in my hair. It is me who is unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his chest and soon it will be me taking his beautiful cock in my mouth. It is me who he will be sliding his fingers into and swirling them round deep inside me and it is my moans that she will hear as he touches me. It is my cunt she will guide her husbands cock into, her fingers lingering just a moment against the nub of my clit as he slowly pushes himself into me and we will watch her for a moment, as she squirms on the edge of the bed but it will be my body he comes in tonight.

And her? She will just have to sit and watch and if she can keep her hands out of her knickers and on the camera then she might take some photos but I suspect the camera will quickly be forgotten as her needy little cunt aches between her thighs and maybe afterwards he will beckon her over and push her head down between my legs so that she can taste my cunt now her husband has fucked it. Her mouth hot and wet on my clit, her fingers pushing into me where moments ago his hard dick had been. Now it is his turn to watch for a bit while his good little wife makes me come

And then…. who knows… maybe she wants to lay face to face with me and look into my eyes while he takes me from behind. Would she be able to keep her hands to herself I wonder? Would she make herself come, thrusting a dildo into herself in time with his thrusts into me, her watching me and him, him watching her and me, me watching her and then, hopefully, later them.

She says she wants to watch her husband fuck me. Who am I to deny her what she wants.


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