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Before the slap – faceslapping audio

This glorious faceslapping femdom piece is written and read by The Gentle Domme

I’m kissing you. Maybe mauling is the better choice of words, since I kiss like bites, sometimes having to hold myself back from nibbling too hard on your pretty pink lips in the excitement of desiring more.


Me, explaining my hard limits to someone I have never fucked before

So I’m definitely SUPER into rough sex and degradation and stuff, but I’d rather be degraded for how slutty I’m being than for how I look. If we’re talking hard limits you should know I am very sensitive when it comes to my body so ‘you filthy little bitch’ is A-OK, but ‘pig’: not so much. I’m up for butt stuff but I’d like fair warning so I can do a bit (OK, a lot) of prep for anal in general. I’m not into age-play, so you’re never my fucking Daddy and I guess the MAIN thing… like my hardest of all hard limits… is… could you please be really careful with my glasses?


You’re my pile of riches – how it feels when you submit

This delicious audio about how it feels when you submit is written and read by The Gentle Domme

That’s right, pet. Down on your knees for me now, the weight of your body bearing down on hard wood. Supplication. Dedication. Instruction. We both know it’s where you belong. Don’t we? You down there, staring up at me with those wide-eyed puppy dog eyes just begging to serve.


Guest blog: Playing with a client who had a Bond Villain kink

Much like today’s guest blogger, the fabulous Laura Savage (@thatlaurasavage), I am a huge fan of specific, unusual kinks. I love hearing about the scenarios that turn people on, and the ways in which people plan scenes to cater to something very precise. So when she offered me a guest blog about a client who had a Bond Villain kink, I whirled around in my office chair stroking an imaginary cat and cackling with villainous glee. Take it away, Laura…


Belt and Fleshlight: the joy of weird sex

It is very very rare for me to stumble across weird sex that I haven’t already fantasised about, or seen elsewhere in porn, and as a result it took me a good long time to work out how to put this story down in words.