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Guest blog: Her first fucking machine experience

I can barely contain my excitement today because not only do I have the amazing @JoannesReviews as a guest, she’s written a post on one of her expert subjects – fucking machines! If you’re not yet familiar with Joanne’s work, please go and check out her amazing blog where she reviews all manner of sex toys including e-stim, fucking machines and more. Today she’s sharing a sexy real-life story about topping sub ‘r’, and guiding her on her first fucking machine experience…


Guest blog: She likes to use vibrators to make me come

Today’s guest blog is pretty fucking special. It’s written by James Mycroft, who you might remember from this lovely guest poem from a few weeks ago. Today’s post is very different. Where there was longing in his poem, here there is lustful agony. While that poem was about being apart, this one’s about being together – intensely and explicitly. James is going to tell you all about dick vibrations and orgasm control. And because his timing in pitching me this idea matched neatly with the release of the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse dick vibrator, I asked them to send one to him to try out. Brace yourselves because this is entirely Not Safe For Work.


Guest blog: The Mistress’ Mistress

Good sex writing should – in my opinion – make you do something. Breathe a little faster, maybe. Reach into your pants, sometimes. Get in touch with someone you’ve been lusting after for ages… Well, this week’s guest blog made me squirm and wriggle and blush a bit while I was reading, then crave a little of this kind of scene myself. So please give a blushing, warm welcome to today’s guest blogger – international Mistress and courtesan Valerie August – with a story about how sometimes even a professional Mistress might need a little nurturing and discipline to guide her…


Forced orgasm: the fantasy I’m working to fulfil

This post discusses forced orgasm, which is sometimes a part of consensual non-consent play. I assure you I’d only ever want to do this to a guy who was 100% up for playing this role, but if forced orgasm is not your thing, look away now.

I want to watch a man being milked of his spunk. While he bites his lip and holds back, and screws his eyes tight shut to concentrate on something – anything – else. A guy who is being forced to come, at the same time as he’s been ordered to try not to.


Fuck me like you’re wanking

I could sit watching him wank forever – as he lies on one sofa, injured hand trying to wring an impossible orgasm out of his twitching, eager cock. A brief recap of where we left off on Wednesday: I’m sitting wanking on one sofa in the living room, my partner is wanking on the other, but his hand is injured so he can’t get the grip required to come. The sight of him frustratedly rubbing at his cock is so hot I came too quickly, but I’m stroking my clit and hoping for more because I just love watching him like this…