Pulse Duo Lux: Grinding makes me feel powerful

Image by the incredible Stuart F Taylor

There’s something intensely and deliciously powerful about grinding on someone’s cock. Not bouncing up and down like I’m performing a sweaty porn workout, but grinding. Getting properly stuck in to the sensations of wet flesh pressed tight against my clit. Lovely. Today I’m going to talk about grinding, in the context of a sex toy that’s designed for exactly that: the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo Lux.

The best position for grinding, in my humble and well-fucked opinion, is to have my partner sitting upright on a sofa, with me straddling his legs. Not only can I get the best angle from his solid dick, I can also rest my hands on the equally-solid back of the sofa for leverage – elbows, if I want to push myself into his face so he can suck my tits while I ride him. The bed can be good as well, now we’ve got a decent king-sized double with a solid metal headboard bar that I can really grip onto, but for comfort, sensation and fun nothing beats a good sofa grind.

I know that the second I sit down, my partner is going to grab my hips with his hands and start nudging me towards riding – that up-and-down motion that feels so good on his dick – it’s instinctive for him. But if I’m on top, I’m in control, and if I’m in control you can be damn sure I’m going to start with at least a little bit of grinding.

Grinding and PULSE DUO LUX

Let’s talk about the PULSE DUO LUX, which I am in the habit of writing all-caps because I used to work for Hot Octopuss, but which I am going to cap down in this piece because I don’t work for them any more so I can gently take the piss out of their weird brand guideline quirks. The Pulse Duo Lux is a sex toy designed to wrap around someone’s dick, with an oscillating PulsePlate™ (see that trademark? I’m so well trained, what a good girl) that sits just on the frenulum – the sensitive spot underneath the head of the cock. It’s called a ‘Duo’ because it’s designed for partnered play – there’s another vibrator on the outside which rumbles and throbs against you if you get in the right position on top of it and grind.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo Lux - black sex toy in an oval shape with wings that wrap around the penis, and two wrist remotes to control it
Image courtesy of Hot Octopuss

I’m telling you about it briefly because this post won’t make sense otherwise, and also because technically I’m meant to be reviewing it. Hot Octopuss sponsor my site, they make this toy, and they also make some of my other all-time faves like the AMO bullet vibe (SERIOUSLY GET THAT VIBE IT IS REALLY GOOD), the Atom Plus cock ring and the JETT (DITTO). But what they’re most famous for is the Pulse, because they have a patent on that oscillating PulsePlate™ and it’s that which delivers some serious sensations.

I have a complex relationship with the Pulse, because despite my kid-in-a-sweetshop excitement about this toy, which many people with dicks absolutely swear by and say is an intensely satisfying and powerful way to deliver orgasms, my other half doesn’t like it. Embarrassing. He’s not a huge fan of dick vibrations, and apart from the Atom Plus he has not yet found a Hot Octopuss toy that does the trick for him. So when I tentatively asked if he’d be up for trying PULSE DUO, he said ‘yes’ with all the enthusiasm of a man who has been asked to go drop off a casserole to his mother-in-law.

Luckily, I am a sex goddess, and so even in the throes of his scepticism, my playful joi de vivre and sexy arse meant he was up for having a crack, on the promise that if it didn’t work for him he’d get a nice blow job or some sex machine DVP instead. So we got to work.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo Lux in use

As I say, I like grinding. And honestly, I think that’s the key to enjoying this sex toy: love of grinding. Most toys for ‘couples’ play’ are either vibrating cock rings or insertable c-shaped vibrators, where one end of the c-shaped vibe is designed to sit inside the vagina. So these couples’ toys usually require penetration, and the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo Lux does not. That’s part of why I like it: I get to grind on his dick, and the very fact that his dick is not inside me removes any and all pressure for me to bounce instead of grind. Bouncing on this thing is not recommended – you’d basically just be smashing a lump of silicone into your vulva.

So I placed him exactly where I wanted him on the sofa, then gave him a couple of light slaps on the outer thighs to remind him – as ever – that he can’t spread his legs wide if he wants me to ride him: my own legs don’t open that far, more’s the pity. Then we got the Duo ready, placed it on his cock, and got to work.

Lol no – what we actually did was fuck about with the settings for AGES because this toy comes with dual wrist remotes so you can control the vibrations without having to break off the action and fiddle about in your crotch area. We managed to get one up and running but the second defeated us. It’s really fiddly – you have to press a particular button a certain number of times, and as soon as you’ve started pressing it you immediately forget how many times you’ve pressed it already. It’s not really that important to us, but it might be to you, in which case be aware that you’ll probably want to get this sorted before you get your kit off.

Anyway. Once that was done, I put the Duo on my partner’s cock, at which point he immediately shattered my extremely low expectations by going ‘ooh!’ in a manner that made my heart leap.

Me: Good ‘ooh’ or bad ‘ooh’?

Him: Good ‘ooh’ – I think I understand why people like this.

Me: Do you like this?

Him: Maybe. It actually throbs all over my dick, like… I can feel it everywhere.

Delighted, I grabbed it and squeezed the sides in a little to give him a more intense sensation. And that first ‘ooh’ was followed by more, and then more, and then a few extras that were only slightly impaired by him getting distracted and wanting to start the outside vibe too (the one for my clit). His conclusion about using the toy solo was that while he probably wouldn’t be able to orgasm just from the toy, he would totally sit happily with it massaging his cock while he warmed himself up for a more vigorous wankathon. And having been confused by it before, he now fully groks why some people really love it, which is a huge step forward from previous outings with the Pulse where the best I could conjure from his vibe-hating penis was a brief twitch followed by apathy. Apparently this new version of the Duo is more powerful than previous ones – powerful enough that its rumbly oscillations can tremble through even the seriously-weathered leathery indifference of my partner’s well-beaten cock.

(I’m joking: he’s got a lovely cock, it’s just very very attuned to a particular type of death-grip masturbation)

Grinding: YES

Onto the most important part: the grinding. Now that he’s on board with the general sensations of the Pulse Duo, I hop up onto the sofa, straddle him like he’s my favourite pony, and start to grind away. And immediately I realise this is a total delight. If using a stroker is like giving hand jobs with superpowers, then grinding on the Pulse Duo gives me similar superpowers directly between my legs.

I could have done without the vibe on the outside, if I’m honest, because most of the thrill I was getting came from the thuddier, rumblier feelings caused by the PulsePlate, which vibrates through the toy and my other half and ends up catching my clit anyway. Besides, the fun of this toy was mostly in the power of grinding rather than clit stim directly – the way it felt when I got exactly the right angle, and the toy pressed firmly into his cock, shoving waves of pulsing pleasure from the frenulum all the way through the tip and shaft. Much like during sex itself, I don’t really want to come when I’m on top – I find it tricky to maintain balance and rhythm and (yes) enthusiasm if I’m too busy trying to climax. I like the thrills of pleasure that tingle through my clit, but if I were actually to come then my legs would turn to jelly and the whole charade would be over far too quickly.

I don’t think I could orgasm from the outside of the toy anyway, because alone the vibration just isn’t enough for the seriously-weathered leathery indifference of my own well-Doxy’d clit. If you’re less used to power tools than I am, you may well have a great time with that vibe, it’s just that for me it wasn’t the main event. The main event was the fact that I could control how intense the sensations of the Pulse were on my partner’s dick with the pressure and intensity of my grinding.

He didn’t come, but frankly I wouldn’t expect him to, because his vibration-apathetic cock is not the target market for this toy. I didn’t come either, because the vibe on the outside isn’t powerful enough for me. But we had a lot of fun, and I got to exercise my control and dominance by grinding hard against him. If you have a dick and you like vibrations, chances are this will give you a bloody good time. And as for me? I enjoyed the fact that I had free reign to smash my clit as hard into him as possible, and every time I did so he let out this little moan as the Pulse throbbed harder through his cock. I enjoyed the powerful sensation of straddling him, looking down at his upturned face contorted in pleasure at each fuckstroke, occasionally slipping one of my nipples into his mouth so he could repay the pleasurable favour. Most of all I liked knowing that if I want to tease him at any point all I needed to do was sit up a little and take away the delicious thrumming, throbbing joy that was pulsing through his dick.


As with any post I write about sex toys, this isn’t meant to be a proper review like I’m an intrepid and unbiased journalist – I’m just telling you how I got on with something and giving you the details so you can find out more and buy one if you like. If you enjoy grinding on top of someone’s eager dick, and especially if you’re with someone for whom dick vibrations really hit their happy spot, you will probably get a huge kick out of this sex toy. Get Pulse Duo Lux direct from Hot Octopuss for £169. If you’re just keen to try the Pulse tech but at a lower price tag, grab the Pulse Solo Essential for £89 instead – it doesn’t have the wrist remotes, or the vibe on the outside, but it’s a fair bit cheaper than the lux version and the Pulse Plate will do the same thing.

Hot Octopuss gave me this toy for free because they sponsor my site and they’re nice like that. If you’d like to find out more about their other sex toys, my absolute favourite is the Amo bullet vibe, followed very very closely by the Atom Plus vibrating cock ring. If you buy through any of the links on my site, you’re helping to support my work, for which I am eternally and enthusiastically grateful.

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