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You can feel your lover’s pulse with one finger

You can feel your lover’s pulse with one finger. You know this, of course, but I bet you don’t think about it often. I thought about it the other day and the force of it hit me like a punch in the chest. You can feel the thud of their blood running through their body, keeping them alive. The heartbeat that powers the person who makes you quiver with need. The one you want to bury your nose, your face, your fucking life in… you can feel your lover’s pulse with a single finger. Isn’t that awesome?


Fishnets and his favourite t-shirt

She puts on the fishnets with no knickers. The tights are medium gauge, with holes just wide enough that you can easily stick a finger through to rip them. She’s never worn them like this before, and the cool air on her cunt feels strange when it’s also flimsily caged. Strange but good. Next she puts on the t-shirt he left on her bedroom floor last night. A faded black one with the logo of one of his favourite bands. If you’re joining me in this fantasy, feel free to pick whichever shirt has most resonance for you: maybe it’s the home kit from your football team, a flannel one that you wear around the house on lazy, happy days, maybe it’s merch from your favourite festival, whatever. Pick whichever you’re most likely to leave on your girlfriend’s bedroom floor. Whichever shirt you’d most like to dress your partner in before you fuck them. She puts on the fishnets and that shirt, then angles the mirror.


Tentacles: Ravished in the cave by the sea

This glorious fantasy story is written and read by Molly Moore, and originally appeared on her website – MollysDailyKiss. Note that this story contains elements of non consensual kidnap and dubious consent that turns into consensual non consent/ravishment. It contains fear and terror, creature/human sex, tentacles, and copious amounts of jizz.

Why did I do it? Like so many things that we do on impulse, in a fit of madness it seemed like a good idea at the time. Now, as he guided me into the cave, I was not so sure.


Champagne and Lust 1: exhibitionism at the hotel

This is part one of a gorgeous threesome story written and read by SpenPErotica. To whet your appetite, a little exhibitionism in the lift at the hotel…

The message you had sent me earlier had me intrigued. ‘Room 1285. Hurry, I have a present for you…’


Your dominant orders: “Bring me a pretty cock.”

This gorgeous erotic fiction in which your dominant instructs you to “bring me a pretty cock” is written and read by JM Seaborn of WrittenInKink.com

You close the door to the hotel room and your heart starts beating at double time. The click of the lock is like a starter’s gun but it’s also a seal. Encasing you in this room with two men. One, your lover. Your playmate. A man you trust. The other, a complete stranger. A stranger you picked out yourself.