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Masturbation month: twelve filthy stories, both true and fiction

It’s Masturbation Month! Those of you who don’t work in the sex industry might not be familiar with it, although I’d wager if you’ve bought a sex toy at any point over the last 12 months you’ll have been reminded of this auspicious time with a well-placed marketing email or two. While I’d love to write a round-up of sex toys that you should buy, it’s always more fun for me to write hot stuff that features toys than a plain old shopping list. So instead of a shopping list, here are twelve filthy stories: each one either a true sex story or a piece of erotic fiction. If you can guess which of these are true, and leave your guesses in the comments, whoever gets closest to the right answer will win a GOTN badge. And if you fancy reliving these stories (or coming up with some of your own!) I’d very much appreciate you clicking the links, buying from my sponsors, and helping to support my work here on the site. Without these fabulous sponsor companies, GOTN wouldn’t exist.


Pegged for the first time – strap on erotica

This gorgeous strap on erotica is written and read by the fabulous Sherryl of TintedBlu.com

We often spoke about the idea of doing it, but I wasn’t totally convinced that he was truly ready to go there. I mean I knew he was up for it but was he really up for it up for it?


Sunburn – humiliation erotica

As per this post, I’m still hiding a bit and not able to live any new stories right now. So instead, please enjoy this piece of humiliation erotica which was inspired by suggestions from Patreons. For this piece, the prompts I had to work into the story were: humiliation/teasing, pier, ice cream. 


DITMY – Brutal fucking and kinky diy

This post came from some improv erotica suggestions over on Patreon. Sometimes we play a game where Patreons give me a name, kink, location and object, and I try to work them into a sexy story – like this gang bang erotica or this one about being pegged by a stranger. I enjoyed writing the following story, because it combines my two favourite activities – kinky DIY and getting brutally fucked. The prompts I had to work into the tale were Josh/bondage/Homebase/drill. 


Re-nationalise the railways (pegged by a stranger)

Today’s post is a little out of the ordinary – it’s a piece of erotic fiction, also recorded as audio porn, about a guy getting pegged by a stranger in a train station toilet. It’s not the sort of thing my brain would usually spit out, but thanks to my fabulous Patreons, who gave me suggestions for new erotica on a recent Zoom call, I have a crop of new ideas to play around with. When we do live calls, we come up with ‘improv erotica’ – Patreons give me a character name, kink, location and object and I try to weave those into a sexy story. Not gonna lie: I fucking loved writing this one.