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Guest blog: ‘Not to Choose’ by Valery North

I am ridiculously excited about today’s guest blog – as you can probably tell by the fact I’m posting it on Monday as opposed to Friday when other guest blogs go up. Valery North – who has written here before on how your physical responses to sex toys can change as you get older – has just published a book! Not to Choose is a BDSM relationship novel about kinky sex, feminism and one person’s spiritual faith. And the extract that Valery has sent to give you a taster of the book is ridiculously hot, and very much my cup of tea. Or my cup of ‘vigorous, intense BDSM fuck’, if you will…


Come in your pants while I think about Crossrail

This story was written after someone asked me about making guys come in their pants. I’d tweeted about it recently, and they were curious as to how someone could make this happen. I think my answer is that it’s all in the preparation and build-up. So I wanted to write something which gives the build-up, and the context. Then I got a bit carried away.

This erotic story combines two of my greatest loves: making guys come in their pants and… Crossrail. Sure, it involves descriptions of masturbation and anal sex, and a secret hand job at the back of a lecture theatre. But at its heart it’s a love letter to Crossrail. The non-human love of my life.


Breath play in the bath: the water is rising

It takes me six and a half minutes to fill the bath, and less than five minutes to come. This should be easy, right?

This sex story contains references to drowning, breath play and extreme domination.


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Guest blog: erotica from a Daily Mail writer

Today lots of people are angry about the Daily Mail front page, which shows a photograph of two powerful female politicians and invites us to speculate on their lovely, lovely legs.

It’s an embarrassing piece, no doubt, but rather excellent timing for me. Because today I have a guest blog from none other than a Daily Mail writer! Enjoy.


Eroticon anthology – 99p/99c for a limited time

There’s just one week to go until we open the doors to Eroticon 2017. Three days left to buy tickets. Seven days for me to write endless lists, phone co-organisers Molly and Michael in a panic, and eventually sigh with relief when I realise they are totally on top of things and I am just an anxious twat. If you can’t come to Eroticon yourself, here’s a great way to get involved and learn a little about the fabulous writers and speakers who’ll be there with us. The Eroticon Anthology.