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Virtual reality porn: a deliciously pervy side effect

I’m going to talk more about virtual reality porn at some point. It’s a massive topic, with tonnes of scope for putting yourself in various amazing pictures, and I hope that as the tech comes down in price people will come up with yet more creative and exciting virtual reality porn scenarios. I’m secretly hoping I might be able to score work writing them, so hit me up if you’re a porn producer with a massive budget and a desire to branch out.

However. For now I want to tell you one thing that – since it was mentioned to me – has had me mesmerised with possibility:

Guys wanking while watching VR porn.

Yeah, I know. That sounds… obvious? But let me paint you a picture…


In which he tells me a sexy story…

Everything that happens in this blog post is consensual. But it involves two people exploring consensual non-consent fantasies, so please be aware before you read. 

I love a good bedtime story. Ideally a story told in hushed whispers, with his lips pressed right up against my ear and his hand rummaging eagerly at my cunt.

It’s probably frustrating, when you’re getting hot and hard and ready, to have your partner pause for a break in proceedings to ask for a bedtime story. But there’s something about a sexy story that gets me wetter than a hand could. The plot, the fucking itself, the veiled implication that these are things he would do to me if he could…

Yeah. I like sexy stories.

Most of the time, bedtime stories take the form of memories or future plans.

“Remember when we…?”

“Have you ever wanted to..?”

And they’re great. But they’re different. I’m talking here about real bedtime stories – scripts he writes in his head, with the express purpose of turning me on.

Here’s one of my favourites.


The night bus: a sexy story about cuckolding

Each month in 2016 I’m doing one day’s work for charity – so everything I earn on that day goes to charity (today it’s Against Malaria Foundation). I had a spare hour alongside my scheduled work today, so I offered to write a custom story if someone would donate some cash. This anonymous donor requested a story about cuckolding, and I’m delighted they did because it gave me this idea, which was so hot I had to have two wanks before I finished it. 

If you want a custom story, keep an eye on my Twitter feed around the end of Feb, when I’ll be doing another day like this.

In the meantime, if you like cuckolding too – get stuck in. 


Threesome director: Teach this stranger how to fuck me

“Two dudes.”

“Fuck’s sake – I know. You always want two dudes.”

“Yes but but but but. It’s more than that.”


“Honest. The specific nature of this two-dudes fantasy makes it different to all the rest.”


Really. Let me tell you about my threesome director fantasy… 


Guest blog: Paying for sex with guys

This week’s guest blogger is an erotic author who got in touch because she wanted to write about a fantasy that doesn’t often get coverage: women paying for sex with guys. A few months ago Anthony, a sex worker, dropped by to write a guest blog on the politics of paying for pleasure with a male escort. This week, Helen J Perry is here to talk about her fantasies about paying for sex.

She’s especially interested to find out if others share similar fantasies (I strongly suspect they do), so please do comment if you can, and if you’d like to read some erotica which is focused around male sex work, check out her book Deviant – which she has kindly dropped to 99p/99 cents on Kindle for this weekend to coincide with this guest blog going live. And if you’d like to read some erotica which is focused around women paying for sex, check out Boxes – by Helen J Perry and Adria Kane.