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ETO Show 2019: Friends, fun and fuck machines

Few things would induce me to haul my hungover arse out of bed and all the way to Coventry first thing on a Sunday morning, but the ETO Show is one of them. It’s a trade show, hosted by the lovely people of ETO Magazine (subscribe on the website to get physical copies or register to read it free online), at which a bunch of sex industry companies gather to show off their wares, and cheeky fucks like me pop in to have a nose at all the latest genital gadgets. Here are some select highlights from this year’s show, including a fuck machine that I am desperate to have a go on, and a bunch of sex toys that you lot can win.


Two things: ETO show and Xhamster

Super-quick two things this week, because I am currently nursing a gigantic hangover,¬†and then I have to rush out. Good news first, then a weird thing. Ready? Let’s go.