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SQIFF (Scottish Queer International Film Festival)

Apologies for the diary-style update, team: I’m quite poorly at the moment and my ability to blog and edit properly has fallen by the wayside along with my ability to breathe through my nose and, occasionally, stand up. My body is conspiring to try and spoil my time at SQIFF, but I am glad to say it has not yet succeeded. Here is a taste of some of the awesome things I’ve been up to here in Glasgow at the Scottish Queer International Film Festival.


Eroticon 2017: when good people get together

Last night I walked into my flat, dumped a backpack overloaded with swag and very sweaty shirts onto my bed, and then hauled my exhausted body to the bathroom. Everything was weirdly dark, save the flicker of a few candles. On the windowsill my other half had placed a bottle of wine, a glass and a bluetooth speaker blasting ‘We Are The Champions’ by Queen. How does this even happen? What bizarre luck leads to someone doing such a lovely thing, for me?


Two things: how women should behave and Smut Slam

It’s been a while since I posted a ‘two things’, so in case you’ve forgotten – ‘two things’ is a weekly post highlighting one good thing and one bad thing in the world of sex. Today in the ‘bad’ column – a reddit thread in which men are invited to have opinions on how women should behave. And ‘good’ – a sexy storytelling event in London called Smut Slam, which you should go to if you get the chance. If you read to the end there’s also a bonus competition to win an Eroticon ticket…