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Guest blog: voyeurism and exhibitionism on the beach

This week’s guest blogger intrigued me by telling me that although he’s used some artistic licence, the basis for this story is true. And I love that, because not only am I guessing which part of this voyeuristic adventure actually happened, but it reminds me that sometimes the most fun erotic writing is a combination of fact and fantasy. Take it away MJ…


Guest blog: She wears leather for me

I read this week’s guest blog three times before I even replied to the guest blogger. Then I ran into the room where my partner was sitting and read it aloud to him. Then I read it again on my own. Then, finally, I emailed him back to say ‘HOLY SHIT YES PLEASE.’ As he explained in his email, it covers fetish and voyeurism but at its heart it’s about relationships. Knowing each other, trusting each other, and doing those things that you just know your partner will love… Jason explains why his wife wears leather.


Wanking from my perspective

As I might have mentioned a few very excited times – on Patreon and in Wednesday’s blog post – I have recently bought a massive mirror and mounted it on the wall opposite the end of my bed. I’ve always had mirrors in my bedroom – a dressing-table mirror that gives a good side-view of doggy and a larger mirror high on the wall that is angled so I can watch my partner having a wank while I do my hair in the morning. But with this new mirror comes a new angle, and a new idea.


Guest blog: BDSM exhibitionism (a straight-up dirty story)

Ever been to a BDSM party? This week’s guest blogger – Jess – has. And she’s going to tell you about a pretty hot sex/BDSM party, which involved rope, the cane, and a shuddering exhibitionist orgasm.

This post is based on a true story, but names have been changed for anonymity. If you think you recognise anyone in this story (or any guest blogs) please keep it to yourself.