Do you want to watch? An exhibitionist fantasy…

Image by, and of, Molly Moore, originally appeared on her site. 

I want you to watch me …legs spread wide laying on the bed fucking myself with a thick hard glass dildo and rubbing at my clit.

Your presence in the chair at the end of the bed is both distracting and helping me to my goal. A goal you set me. “Show me how you make yourself come.”
Would you sit and watch the whole thing, leaving me there alone but squirming beneath your gaze or would you eventually rise from your seat and join me?

But I was also wondering if maybe I could interest you in other observations, so…

Do you want to watch me suck another man’s cock? Would you sit to the side so you can see my face or maybe even stand behind me so I am kneeling between you both? Everyone is clothed but his pants are open and his dick is buried in my mouth. Would you gather up my hair and guide me onto him or would you just watch, smiling that knowing smile that tells me you know exactly why I am doing this and who I am doing it for?

Do you want to watch me struggle. Pulling against the rope binding my wrists to the ring hanging from the ceiling above my head. The sign around my neck says ‘fingers only’. You have placed a chair in the corner of the room across from me. You have a drink in hand. You are enjoying the view. People come past and look at me, there is some polite chit chat between you and some of them. One girl comes close to me, our eyes meet. She glances over at you and you smile and give her encouraging nod, she reaches beneath my skirt and finds me knickerless. Her fingers glide easily through my wetness and she whispers about how wet I am into my ear as she buries first one then two fingers into my cunt. I tug on the ropes as she plays with me and you watch from across the room

Do you want to watch me get fucked by another woman? You tell me spread my legs for her and look into my eyes as she slide her cock into my cunt. Would you kiss me while she was fucking me or hold me down for her? Your offer words of encouragement and advice to her as she fucks me, telling her just how I like it and together you talk about how dirty I am. She happily agrees to return another time to fuck my arse while you watch.

Do you want to watch me flirt with another guy? You glance over from the across the room where you are talking to other people. You know I am tempting him. You can see his eyes devouring my cleavage and the sultry grin on my face when I catch you watching us. I see that look in your eye and I press my body a tiny bit closer to my admires in response. You know it is a challenge and your eyes darken in response. Eventually I leave the party with you and not him but on the way home you hold my hand as you tell me that there is a price to pay for baiting you.

Do you want to watch me fight and plead and beg and cry as you force multiple orgasms from my body with the Doxy? You hold the monstrous vibrator between my legs which are tied open to the chair you selected for this job. At first I am stoic, breathing through each orgasm as it rips through my body but eventually I am just a whimpering mess, mascara stained tears and smeared lipstick adorns my face as you alternate between sliding your fingers into me and using the Doxy on my clit. By the time you are done I am a puddle at your feet and then it’s your turn to come.

So do you want to watch me? Or maybe you would rather make me watch you…

This post is also available as audio, read by Molly herself. Click ‘listen now’ above, visit for more of Molly’s incredible work and head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud.  


  • Beth Jackson says:

    Damn that was hot!

  • Mr Plums says:

    I want to watch you Molly.Being a voyeur to your pleasure,knowing that increases it for both of us.I always loved seeing my partners masturbating while they look me in the eyes seeing how horny I get.
    But I’ve never seen a partner being explored wnd used by others.Talked a lot about it with my bi partners and heard what they do with their girlfiends.Now older and partnerless your audio and written descriptions excite me at a time when being clinically vulnerable means my imagination is the best turn on. Thank you for making such a vivid scene !

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