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Cock-hungry fantasies from my slowly-stirring libido

Snippet one comes to me almost in a dream – that edge of wakefulness where you’re aware that you might still be dozing, but the solid feel of your own hand on your skin trips a neuron that reminds you of fucks-in-times-gone-by. In this cock-hungry fantasy, I’m face-down-ass-up on the carpet, in my bra and pants, covered in smears of paint. Someone’s got the crotch of my knickers hooked to one side with his thumb, and he’s sliding himself oh so slowly inside me, growling that I’m a dirty fucking girl.


Guest blog: Zoom In – videoconference fucking

I would love to know how many people, since the beginning of 2020, have started having intense fantasies about videoconference fucking. I bet it’s quite a few of us. Personally I’ve reignited some of my conference call sex fantasies from back in the day. While I would never recommend actually getting it on (alone or with other people) when your work colleagues are on the line, that doesn’t mean you can’t dream about it. Wank about it. Write about it. Today’s guest blog is by Fajolan, who has written beautifully before on hands and surreptitious touching, as well as a unique solution to the problem of ‘getting a room.’ Now she’s here to share her own unique take on videoconference fucking, and I adore the detail of how it’s set up – the thought that’s gone into how it’d work as well as the hotness of the shag itself…


Guest blog: Rescue me – I have a damsel in distress kink!

Have you ever fantasised about being rescued by a hero? Wanted to be the damsel in distress? Sidenote: there is apparently no gender-neutral term for ‘damsel’ and I would love to create one, because I bet this kink is shared by people of other genders too! Today’s guest blogger is Lex (@LexusRanger), and she is here to talk to you about the appeal and complexity of having a damsel in distress kink…

Note that this piece talks about struggling/fighting – it’s all within the boundaries of consensual role play. 


The massage – getting head from her masseuse

This hot, sensual massage story is written and read by the fabulous Sherryl Blu


The changing room slut: a sports fantasy

Now listen. I know that what I should be doing tonight is cheering on the England team, and I totally will be. But as we get ready for kickoff there are some people watching the match who can’t keep their brain from wandering to one specific fantasy. I say ‘some people’ because conversations with other horny fuckers confirms that I’m not the only one. There may be five of us, ten of us, or ten thousand of us, but make no mistake there are some of us: people who are thinking less about the score than we are about the changing rooms. Specifically, what it would be like to be the changing room slut.