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Nobody comes looking for me: solo masturbation

This poignant solo masturbation erotica is by Tabitha Rayne. Read here by the author herself, it originally appeared on her website. 

It’s been days, possibly a week or even two since I left this flat. Probably longer since I updated any sort of social media. My phone hasn’t rang and my door hasn’t been knocked. There’s no concerned notifications from my online friends.


Cocktails and cock-stroking: be a masturbation voyeur

This fantastic masturbation voyeur story is written by Quinn Rhodes, and originally appeared on hir website. A quick and important note from hir before we begin… “Writing this actually challenged me more than I expected it to, and it’s a little more cisnormative than I would like my filth to be. For the record, not only folks with dicks are guys, and not only men have dicks. I also realised that writing this kind of scene is very different from experiencing this sort of pervy voyeurism, so I’m open to invitations from anyone organising a cock-stroking and cocktails party.”

Your invitation gives you a time, an address, and invites you to a night of debauchery where you can ‘watch cocks being stroked while you sip cocktails’. Upon arrival, the invitation grants you admission to a narrow ballroom – or possibly a conference room – with a well-stocked bar on one side and a long two-way mirror down the other.


Monster cock fantasies: Getting fucked by a huge dick

Note: if you’re reading a story called ‘monster cock fantasies’ you can expect some pretty huge dicks in the following post, but please do not take this to mean you have to have a huge dick to be sexy – all kinds of dicks can be sexy. Be aware too that this fantasy/story involves some elements of sexual pain and elements of non-consent. Fantasies allow us to explore things that we would never want to do in real life, and I am a total slut for this kind of fantasy… 


Consensual non-consent: the ethics of writing CNC

The fantasies which happen in my head are consensual. The fantasies which happen in my head are often non-consensual. It sounds like a logical fallacy: how can something be both consensual and non-consensual at the same time? The answer is that, of course, the ‘non-consent’ in my fantasies is only an illusion: the participants in my head are not real, the only real person here – the only one who needs to consent – is me. But when those fantasies leak out of my head onto the page or screen, readers – real live people – become a part of what’s happening, and their consent matters as well. Let’s talk about the ethics of writing consensual non-consent fantasies.


Group sex vs gang bang: what’s the difference?

Question: what’s the difference between group sex and a gang bang? Please pop on your serious hat and ponder along with me. I’ve got DIAGRAMS and everything.