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Gang bang with a twist: round two

Where was I? Oh yes: in the centre of a circle of eager, horny men, taking part in a competitive gang bang. My ass is lubed up with the spunk of the first guy who fucked me, and I’m catching my breath before round two.

This is the second in a two-part story. Read the first part – competition – then pop back here for the finale. 


Competition – a gang bang with a twist

Brace yourself: I think this might be the most narcissistic, self-centered wank fantasy I’ve ever had. But seeing as it’s given me so many excellent afternoon distractions, I thought I’d share it with you. It involves a gang bang, a competition, and a hell of a lot of struggle-fucking.


The virtuous circle of porn

The other night, I texted: “On way home. ETA 10 minutes. If you’re watching porn when I get through the door I will finish you off with my mouth.”


The edge of orgasm: I need words to tip me over

“I gave in around six in the morning, and came all over my stomach thinking about fucking you bent over the bed and digging my fingernails into your tits.”


Sharing sexy fantasies: the edit method

How do you go about sharing sexy fantasies? It’s one of the questions people seem to struggle with a lot – as measured both by my inbox and also the sheer volume of advice guides written about broaching the subject with your partner. But one of the things I find fascinating/annoying about the way it’s presented is that it’s often seen as an ‘all or nothing’ thing: that you tell your partner you want to be dominated (with a strap-on and a vigorous pegging, for example), and they either tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ That’s it: a green light or a red one, and then the discussion has ended. I don’t think that’s how it always works.