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I am so delighted to welcome Missy back to the blog today – Missy writes (and posts stunningly horny photographs) over at Focused & Filthy, and she’s featured here before with an absolutely incredible piece about completing the cum ‘hat trick.’ The ‘hat trick’, of course, refers to getting cum in each hole – mouth, cunt and ass – over the course of 24 hours. WHAT A CONCEPT. Here to cement her reputation as a pioneer of Cool New Sex Concepts, today Missy is going to introduce you to the idea of ‘husband sitting.’ If you like openness and sharing in your relationships, you might want to make a note of this…

Husband sitting: literally sit on my spouse while I’m busy elsewhere

You have probably heard the term baby sitting, right? The concept I’ve been dwelling on for some time is something entirely more adult, so prepare for something entirely unsuitable for under 18s… what about husband sitting? I know husbands are grown men, with the ability to look after themselves and others, I’m talking about having someone to keep my husband entertained sexually. A helpful and discreet service to be used when I’m busy so he can get a couple of really filthy hours of fun, to enjoy himself and not worry what society thinks our married life should be like.

Recently I was at a conference. A great chance for me to get away for a weekend. I sometimes do nice hotels or AirBnBs and usually I go on my own, but this time my husband joined me. It was a perfect excuse for us to have some time away. Romantic meals, socialise with some friends in the evening and spend some quality time together. But what about during the days when I was busy?

Previously he’s done museums, art galleries, and a few drinks in the pub. This time I decided to ask a very sexy and amazing woman if she’d like to come to our AirBnB and husband sit for me. To actually sit on my husband. Keep him entertained sexually while I was busy. Luckily for all involved she said yes.

My husband and I have quite an open relationship. We often fuck other people together, and recently we have started to do this apart. Firstly with people we’ve both already met and enjoyed together, but we are starting to venture beyond that too. I still can’t believe how hot I get at the idea of my husband fucking someone else when I’m not there, even more so when it’s something that I’ve organised for him. The build up to it is almost as fun as the activity.

Communication for me is the key. We talk about everything first and plan a lot (I’m a big planner, I thought it was because I was well organised but actually I think it just helps reduce any anxiety I have about new things). We always talk beforehand about boundaries and limits, sexual health risks, precautions and decisions agreed on. Not only does it get me all hot and bothered discussing and imagining the possibilities of what might happen, but it often a plays a huge part in our sexual activities running up to the event. Chatting about exactly how he is going to enjoy her, and what positions he really wants to fuck her in. Whether I want images sent to me during (to make me squirm while I’m in a lecture) or taken to enjoy afterwards. Maybe I request for him not to shower so I can smell her on him afterwards.

This particular Husband Sitter is a good friend we had the pleasure of fucking together last year. A responsive sexy, submissive lady with beautiful breasts and a smile that just melts. A woman who – when the cock is removed from her mouth after a facefucking – beams with such joy and satisfaction it makes the cock owner not only feel good but feel their efforts were really appreciated.

Husband sitting – the act and the aftermath

It was a boiling hot weekend and I managed to get up and dressed and out to my conference. I actually think I was more nervous than he was. Would he be OK? Would he feel comfortable with what we’ve planned? Will she still be up for everything we chatted about? I tried not to let him know I was a little anxious. I’d made sure there was drinks in she liked and biscuits left too (just like the parents use to leave for me when babysitting) and left my husband that morning with his balls full of cum for her to enjoy. I also left with a promise that if I was finished early enough I was going to come back and enjoy them together.

I got back as early as I could. But was rather disappointed that I didn’t get in to see her actually riding his cock. They were both on the deck outside enjoying a cold drink and a rest. They looked deliciously happy and satisfied. I poured myself a gin and sat with them to ask how their day had been. I was told about how the large free standing fan had been placed at the bottom of the bed and just pointed directly at them while they had had some glorious face fucking, sweaty poundy sex with a little bit of tit slapping and more fucking.

Happily I was asked if I wanted to check that she still tasted of him and we all went back upstairs. The bedroom still smelt of sex and we stripped off again in front of the fan. She did still taste of him… the fucking that followed which included all three of us was the icing on the cake – check out the hot photo on my blog to see for yourself.

Maybe next time I’ll ask if two sitters can come over. Particularly if he’s being a handful and I know needs to be energetically enjoyed. So afterwards he’s horny but exhausted. Saving his stories so he can give me careful detailed accounts of his time later on. Maybe when I’m sitting on his cock and he can feel how my cunt clenches at the descriptions.

My husband happens to be a straight cis man but I think husband sitting could easily be partner sitting. All combinations of genders and sexualities could be catered for, with subsections for selected kink related activities too. A reliable service run and used by conscientious but highly sexual individuals, for either one off bookings or regular weekly slots.

I am definitely convinced it’s a winner.

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