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Guest blog: What happened when she released me from chastity…

As regular readers will know, I’m a sucker for amazing ‘first times‘. And today’s guest blogger, Sara, has one hell of a hot first time story to tell you. She gave herself over to her girlfriend to ‘use’ as she saw fit, and after an intense few days locked in a chastity belt, she was begging for release…


Guest blog: My first sexual experience

This week’s guest blog post, by Ephemeral, absolutely took my breath away. When I think of my first ever sexual experience, it’s all spin-the-bottle and hands-under-t-shirts and fumbling in bushes as a youth. But this is something more mental than physical – an experience that combines intensity and communication to create something so hot it made me shudder. Enjoy…


Guest blog: Me, my husband, and our first ever threesome

I am always excited to read guest blogs about first times – there’s something shiveringly delicious about that moment when something you’ve dreamed about for ages starts coming true. Especially when that thing either lives up to or exceeds all your lustful expectations. So you’ll understand why I’m completely in love with this week’s guest blog, by Leah, detailing the first ever threesome she had – with her husband, and a woman called ‘C’.