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Morning fuck – prepping my fuck stick

This delicious morning fuck is written and read by Sherryl Blu of TintedBlu.com.

My eyes pinged open and in that very moment, I knew I wanted him.

As he snoozed beside me, I let my hand gently stroke at his face until he stirred.

I leaned over and whispered in his ear: “I want you to fuck me.”


Guest blog: The last time we fucked

This week’s guest blogger got in touch because he knew I had a thing for guest blogs about ‘first times‘ – first threesomes, first time going to a sex shop, first time pegging, etc. He asked if maybe I’d be interested in a last time story – about the fuck you have when you know something’s over, and you want to make one more good memory. Fuck yeah, I do. This week’s gorgeous guest blog is by Chris Avalon, about an intense, sexy and bittersweet last time fuck.


He can’t come and I don’t care

He can’t come. Not now. It’s three in the morning and we’re both exhausted. He can’t come. But I sit on his cock anyway.


Suck my tits while I ride you: an ode to watching

One of the benefits of being tall is that men can suck my tits while I’m riding them. Watching a guy suck my tits is as beautiful as the phrase ‘suck my tits’ is clumsy. There should be a better way of saying this, but I can’t think of one, so instead I ask with gestures.


Sexual rejection: an adult story in which I act like a petulant child

One of the strange things about my current relationship – as opposed to any other I’ve been in – is that I’ve forgotten how to get rejected. I know, right? Poor me. Please crack out the smallest violin you own and play a concerto in ‘Woe is GOTN.’ Rejection – and specifically sexual rejection – is something I used to have a lot of practise in. I knew how to take a ‘no’, and greet it with a shrug and a cuddle. I knew how to take ‘seriously? Now? AGAIN?’ and absorb it into my thick, thick skin, so it couldn’t pierce through to the soft bit inside me that – whisper it – needed sex to feel loved.