I want you to fuck me with my knickers on

A whole bunch of sexy stuff to do with knickers.

This delicious story about asking to get fucked with knickers on is written and read by the fabulous Molly Moore, and originally appeared on her website. 

“Stop” he says. “What are you doing?”

“Taking my knickers off,” I reply over my shoulder.

“Well don’t,” he responds and I can hear the slight husk in his throat that tells me he means it. I stop what I am doing. Straightening the lace back over my hips and bum, I then turn to face him.

“Turn round,” he mumbles and I do as he asks. I roll my shoulders a couple of times and the rock my hips side to side and arch my back as if I am easing the tension of the day out my body. The little mmmm of appreciation he makes in response bring a triumphant smile to my face. I love teasing him, I love inspiring his want for me.

“Come here.” As I approach the bed he tugs the sheet down revealing his naked form from which juts his hard cock. I go to reach out for him. I take his length in my hand but he brushes it away.

“No.” He states firmly. “Straddle me.”

I clamber up onto the bed and go sit astride me but he grabs at my thighs and pushes me.

“Not like that. The other way. Face away from me.”

I don’t know why, something about his instruction makes me twitch and I can feel that heat between my thighs building. I lean forward on the bed and throw one leg over his hips and then lower my bum down slowly, gently over his groin covering his hardness with the gusset of my panties. He groans as I settle into place and I can feel him twitch beneath me.

“Fucking hell,” he mumbles as he grabs my hips and encourages me to glide back and forth along the length of his shaft so that I am basically dry humping his erection through my knickers. A needy little moan escapes my lips as he digs his fingers into the flesh on my hips.

“What do you want?” he asks and I don’t have to look around to know he is grinning. He knows what I want, what I need.

“Your cock,” I reply.

“Well you can have it, but only if you keep those knickers on.”

It takes me a moment to realise what it is saying – what he asking for – he wants to fuck me with my knickers on. A smile spreads across my face and I don’t hesitate. I reach down between our bodies and slide the fabric to one side so I can guide his thick cock between the folds of my cunt. I hover over him for a moment, enjoying the sensation of him nudging at my opening and how these knickers made me feel sexy and desirable but then he growls and grabs at my waist pushing himself up into me as pulls me down hard onto him.

I cry out at the harsh intrusion.

He grips my hips tighter. Later I find the red marks from him fingers dotted across my flesh but right now my mind is focused on this moment and all these sensations.

I start to rock my hips as my body yields to his cock being buried deep in my cunt. He loosens his grip, letting me set the pace. I lean forward slightly and brace my hands on his thighs and start to roll my hips back and forth on his dick, grinding and rolling, playing with the different sensations of him pressing up inside me and the drag of the material rubbing tight against my labia.

I am fucking him with my knickers on.

He tells me to touch myself and he lets out a low little growl when I shift my weight and thrust my fingers into the front of my knickers. My clit is a hard little knot of flesh in the slick folds of my cunt and I rub at it with my middle finger in just the way I like. No one can rub my clit quite like I can and I love that he lets me direct my own pleasure in that way. In fact right now I am the one taking, I am using his cock for my pleasure and he is letting me.

I know he is revealing in the view, taking what he wants from the moment too but for right now I am the one chasing my orgasm. Every now and then I feel his finger tips following the lines of the ribbon on my knickers and he mumbles “fuuuuck” under his breath numerous times as I rock and grind against him. His breath hitches when my the walls of my cunt tighten and grip at his length and when my orgasm finally ripples through me his growled “fuuuuuccckkkk” tells me that this is working for him too.

There is a moment where we are both just breathing. My hips roll slightly just keeping up a slight friction between our bodies but mostly there is a stillness as we savour and then he is shifting beneath me, using his strength to tip me off my perch and climbing to his knees on the bed. He grabs at me, twisting me round and pushing me forward onto all fours and then pulling me back towards his body as he moves forward towards mine.

His fingers fumble against the fabric of my knickers brushing against my labia and oh so briefly across my clit as he grabs at the flimsy material and yanks it to one side. He thrusts into me from behind in one swift firm motion and now it is him chasing his orgasm, rutting himself into the core of my body over and over in a quest for this own release. I am a vessel for him to take pleasure in and love it. I love his need and desire and his loss of control. He has one thing on his mind and he going to get it.

He comes quickly, all that has gone before edging him closer and closer to his own climax.l He grunts at the sensation, burying himself in me one final time as he empties his balls deep into to my cunt.

We slump down on the bed beside one another. Him on his back next to me, me on my front propped up on my elbows. I smile at the sight of him, eyes closed, sweat clinging to his forehead and upper lip, his chest rising and falling as he gathers his breath. He is a beautiful sight.

Eventually the need to pee has me slipping from the bed and heading to the bathroom. As I return he is back almost where I first found him, under the sheet, reclined in the pillows but this time when I go to slide my knickers off he says nothing. Instead of discarding them I end up dangling them from one finger and wafting them in front of his face.

“You like these new knickers then I take it?”

“You know I like lingerie,” he responds.

“I know, but these seemed to be particularity to your liking.”

He contemplates me for a moment and then the knickers, which I am still dangling in front of his face.

“Carry on like this and I might make you put them back on again.”

I laugh as I finally cast them aside and crawl into the bed next to him.

“But you are right,” he finally confesses. “I do particularly like those ones, they frame things so very well.”


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