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Needy bitch: Show me how desperate you are

This gorgeously filthy story about being a needy bitch is written and read by Molly of MollysDailyKiss.

“Needy bitch,” he croons at me. I pout in response but the truth is he is right. I am needy… or at least my cunt is.


In which I use Godemiche grind rings the wrong way

Welcome, take a seat. You’ll find a heartfelt apology letter inside an envelope just beneath it. This is the first in what will likely be a series of ‘GOTN uses sex toys in ways they were not technically designed for, because she does not have a boyfriend.’ Today I’m gonna be taking two Godemiche grind rings – genuinely fascinating and (as far as I know) unique sex toys, and attempting to grind out an orgasm while using them in a way that I don’t think was intended, but which I enjoyed nonetheless. Let’s go.


Another drink? – Teasing femdom erotica

This teasing femdom erotica is written and read by Ferns, and originally appeared on her website Domme Chronicles.

I glance sideways at you, catch your eye. You are watching me. I know that look, it says “Here I am, Ma’am…” It invites and challenges me. It waits.


How could I resist? – Short erotic fiction

This erotic fiction, by erotic author Tabitha Rayne, originally appeared on her website. 

Tamara ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth to savour the taste of him. She’d tried to stop but the jerking of his hips and surge in his balls gave made her lust for his orgasm and she hadn’t been able to resist. He tasted of everything she knew he would, sweet, salty, sexy. Oh the way he’d grabbed her hair, just right and fucked her face. Perfect.