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Guest blog: Enjoying bondage while pregnant

I was so excited when Kim contacted me to offer a guest blog on enjoying bondage while pregnant – the mixture of emotions when horny with hormones and also keen to be careful of their baby bump is a really cool topic to explore. Regular readers will know Kim from their previous blog on sex with anxiety, and today’s is a lovely personal (and very sexy) piece about a recent bit of bondage play. If you’d like to read more of Kim’s awesome writing, I’d thoroughly encourage you to check out their fabulous blog detailing their surrogacy journey too – I found it fascinating and learned a lot about the process of becoming a surrogate as well as different types of surrogacy. In the meantime, please enjoy this gorgeous guest post!


Guest blog: Menopause horn – the sex surge is real

We don’t talk about about the menopause and sex. And we definitely don’t talk enough about the fact that some people experience increased horn when they enter the menopause – as evidenced by the fact that as I was researching where to link to from this post, the NHS website entry for ‘menopause’ only lists ‘low libido’ as a possible symptom rather than a sex surge. Today’s fantastic guest blogger, Elena Bennett, is here to give you her story though: that of a woman with intense, delicious, powerful menopause horn. Take it away Elena!