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How did you know I was kinky?

When I was about twenty two, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to come to a fetish bar with her. This wouldn’t be a particularly unusual thing for someone to ask me, because I am a huge fan of both fetishes and bars. What made it odd, though, is that I’d never once had a conversation with her about kink. There were plenty of other people she knew better than she knew me, and we’d not once spoken about our own personal kinks. So how the fuck did she KNOW I was kinky?


Erotic story: Think of England (also available as audio porn)

I was chatting to my dude recently about the least sexy kind of sex, and he mentioned ‘lie-back-and-think-of-England’ sex. You know the kind: where two people have sex out of a misplaced sense of duty, or the idea that that’s what they ‘should’ do. Thing is, though, I have an entirely filthy mind, and even this kind of sex can be extraordinarily arousing if you think of it in the right way. So he challenged me to write it: an erotic story about apparently un-erotic sex, and I had so much fun writing it that I recorded it as audio porn too…


Sexy link roundup: anxiety, kink discourse and hot erotica

This week’s sexy link roundup/SoSS post features two posts that got me thinking a LOT and one post that inspired me to have a really lovely wank. Check out the posts below, and click on the headlines to read the full pieces.


Brilliant guest blogs of 2014

Last year I started doing a series highlighting some of my favourite guest blogs from the archive. As I’ve been looking through the blog archive to turn sexy stories into audio porn, I’ve been reminded of some of the amazing guest blogs people have contributed to these pages. Take a trip down memory lane with me to some of the brilliant guest blogs of 2014… (more…)

Guest blog: stretching my cunt

This week’s guest blog is by Candi Stretch – of Stretching Candi (very NSFW link) – and she’s here to talk about stretching her cunt. I honestly can’t give it a better intro than that because if you’re anything like me you’ll immediately be intrigued already – by the politics of cunt-stretching, the practicalities of fisting and fitting large objects inside, and everything else that comes along with cunt-stretching as a kink.