Guest blog: When her button presses my button

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A month or so ago, I abused my power made great use of my platform to post a shout-out on Mastodon for a guest blog that could satisfy one of my long-term curiosities. I wanted to know: what does it feel like to have someone come on your cock? I am, perhaps obviously, fascinated and intrigued by all the different feelings that people with dicks get to experience that I do not, and I figured one of the lovely articulate sex-nerd perverts who followed me might be up for explaining this in detail. And one was! Not just anyone, either: the lovely Starcross, who runs his own blog at Starcross Stories (some of which are available as audio porn too!). His post is so perfect – exactly what I was looking for – that I read it three times before I even started uploading it here to the site. Please enjoy this fabulous explanation of what it feels like to have someone with a vagina come round your cock…

When her button presses my button

OR What it feels like to have someone come round my cock

I’d like you to try something for me. With your right hand gently hold your left forearm just above the wrist, circling it with your thumb and middle finger. Softly squeeze your forearm in rapid pulses, maybe half a second each, imagining as you do that the forearm is a rock-hard cock and your hand is an orgasming vagina. About 5 seconds should do it, decreasing the tempo after that. This is a very rough and somewhat girthy approximation of what it feels like when someone comes while you’re inside them.

If you’re feeling bold then, to be slightly closer to the real thing, you could lick finger and thumb or coat them in lube. You can probably imagine how this rapid pulsing would quickly Kegel an already aroused penis into its own climax, especially when it’s sliding in and out to ensure full coverage from those stimulating palpitations.

“It feels as though I’m home”

I’ve been making sweet love with my gorgeous wife since the year 2002. I know it’s anatomically impossible, but over that time it feels as though I have become moulded to her. She is the lock with a mechanism that exactly matches my key: when I’m inside her it feels as though it’s not just a single button being pushed on my cock, but a whole goddamn control panel up and down the shaft and head. When I slot in it feels as though I’m home, and no less so than when she is in the throes of an O.

I am enormously soppy. The sensation of her clenching, orgasming cunt seems to flood my mind with thoughts of not just lust but love as well. It doesn’t take a full twenty years for that feeling of vaginal homeliness to develop; with another of my long-term partners (I’m in an ethically non-monogamous marriage) I soon discovered how to fuck her in a way that ensured mutually erogenous eruptions. And then fell in love. Before long I knew if I slid in this far, and angled my dick just so, I would be perfectly positioned to feel those vaginal wall muscles spasming exquisitely against my shaft and, most deliciously, against my frenulum. Holy fucking goddess does that make me feel overwhelmingly fused to her, mentally and physically.

In and after the moment of ecstasy there’s that urgent vaginal squeezing, but also a tightening, especially at the ring just beyond her vulva. It can feel as though I’m being impatiently milked to my own conclusion. It briefly seems as though my cock physically becomes part of her; it’s taken from me and used for her pleasure. Cool. A metamour once remarked mid-sex to my partner how weird it is that a part of him is deep inside her. And it is kinda weird to think of my cock in this detached way; sure, I can still feel it, but during her orgasm it’s as if she’s feeling it more.

I often have to deploy various methods of delaying my own orgasm because I don’t want to steal her big moment:

“Mmmmmmmm I’m gonna cum…”

“Yeah well I’M gonna cum too!”

I want to extend the physical, visible and audible sensation of her joy, fortunately the vagina does something rather wonderful after orgasm.
As well as her lubricating cum removing some of the friction, my moment of no return can be prolonged thanks to her getting a wide-on. That feeling of tightness is replaced with a sensation of now having plenty of space to move around in. Now the skin sheath of my cock isn’t sliding backward and forwards, now the stimulation comes from seeking out where her moistened cunt touches me just so. Then, slowly, the tightness returns.

Mutual orgasms

At the beginning I asked you to circle your forearm with your thumb and middle finger to simulate an orgasm. Sometimes this isn’t an adequate simulation, sometimes it would be more accurate to have several thumbs and fingers gently squeezing all up and down your forearm. I often don’t feel just a single part of the vagina gripping me, it can feel like the entirety of it is pulsing in unison. To get that full experience I need to be deep inside when she comes (and being deep inside is usually the cause of that).

When, at last, it’s my time to finish, the various sensations described above are enhanced a hundredfold. Because I grow that little bit more just before I cum I, in turn, stimulate her all over again. And so we achieve that rare yet beautiful thing: a mutual orgasm. She’s pulsing, I’m throbbing, it’s like standing beside the bass amp at my local death metal club in there.

Like many others, penis in vagina sex alone rarely makes her cum; fingers and/or a toy are used to help create mutual orgasms. Sometimes I may enter her just when she’s showing those tell-tale signs of near-ecstasy so that I may experience the unparalleled feeling of full-cock fondling and get brought to completion – I’ve yet to find a sex toy that comes close.

This post deliberately focuses on the physical feeling of being inside someone when they cum. However, more than anything, it’s the feeling of mental intimacy that lasts long after the event. We’ve mashed our body parts together to somehow arrive at this magical place, at the same time. After such moments I often gaze at my partner, marvelling at how such a simple act can transcend the physical, but also at how her orgasm is a perfect and highly effective catalyst for my own.



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  • Anon says:

    This description is beautiful and arousing at the same time, remarkable! It makes me want to cry that PIV doesn’t seem to be possible for my wife and I. Last gynecologist she went to in desperate hope he could help only ended up making her pain worse.

    Thank you for this beautiful post

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