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Sex bloggers/erotic writers: get your work turned into audio porn

Do you have a blog where you post erotic stories? Would you like to turn your erotica into audio porn? Here’s how to get involved with the audio porn project.

This call for submissions is slightly different to previous rounds – please read the guidelines below and follow the instructions carefully if you’d like to submit. 


Guest blog: Financial domination – take my money, turn me on

I am so excited about this week’s guest blog. Lots of people have asked me in the past if I’m familiar with financial domination, or if it’s something I would ever write about. My answer has always been that I don’t really understand the dynamic enough to give it a decent shot, and I’d always rather publish a post from someone who truly gets off on a kink than perform some ham-fisted approximation of it myself. So when this week’s guest blogger – HarlequinWorks – @harlequinworks on Twitter – offered a post explaining the sexy details of why he gets off on financial domination, I leapt at the chance to understand this kink a little better. Please welcome Harley, and get stuck in to the filthy fun of findom!


In relationships, it is never ever ever ‘only money’

The best date you could take me on wouldn’t be the most expensive. In fact, the worst date I’ve ever been on was the one where the guy was most obsessed with money – buying expensive wine and ordering it loudly so that I (and everyone on the tables nearby) would hear and be impressed with how fat his wallet was. And if I were looking for the perfect partner, ideally I’d want to find one with exactly the same income as me: matched to the penny, to avoid causing fights. Because it is never ‘only money’ – it is so much more than that.


On making money from sex blogging: how do you do it?

When your sex blog grows beyond a certain point, you’ll get people asking questions like “are you making money from sex blogging?” and “have you given up your day job yet?”