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Porn video quality: do you care about pixels?

How much do you care about porn video quality? Would you veto a video because it doesn’t have enough pixels? Would you skip over a cam stream because the sound was too fuzzy or avoid audio porn if the mic didn’t have a pop guard? My boyfriend gives a massive shit about the quality of particular videos which is not, in itself, a problem… until we watch porn together.


Porn with no plot: getting turned on when there’s no story

“What was the plot of that porn, then?” He asks me, twenty seconds after we’ve both come. We’re sitting side-by-side on the sofa, him covered in spunk and me casually discarding the dildo and Zumio I used to get there myself. On the TV the porn scene we were watching still plays: porn with no plot, just a couple of people having a vigorous and sexy shag. He reaches for the controller to switch it off as I try to put into words what ‘the plot of that porn’ really was.


A mutual wank – hot mutual masturbation erotica

This hot mutual masturbation erotica, by sex blogger and podcaster Sherryl Blu, originally appeared on her website.

I like a good ole wank… daily!

I’d wake in the morning, just gagging and if I didn’t satisfy that urge early on, it’s like my day was doomed.


Wankonomicon II: Co-op wank, luxury wank and experimental wank

Please welcome back sex toy correspondent Luke aka @Beardynoise! A man who is on a quest to catalogue all possible types of wank spanning the entire human experience. After the roaring success of volume 1 of his Wankonomicon at the start of the month, he is back to give you more detail on new and different types of wank, as well as recommendations for excellent sex toys to use for each one. Today: the co-op wank, luxury wank and experimental wank… 


Guest blog: Sex after sixty

This week’s guest blogger is – I think – possibly the most regular guest contributor on the site to date! He’s written a couple of amazing posts in the past on why he became a nudist, his pregnancy journey with his ex wife, and the language we use to discuss sex. Please welcome back @pervy_thoughts, who is here to talk about sex after sixty…