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Cold air, hard nipples: boss-level tit play

It’s chilly, and we’re outside. Leaning in to each other for warmth, but delighting in the cold as well. My shirt is unbuttoned slightly and pulled down below my shoulder to expose one of my tits. He licks the tip of his finger slowly and runs it around the nipple. Wet spit meets cold air and hard nipples, and I shiver with longing.


Migraine – spiritual masturbation erotica

This spiritual masturbation erotica, by author Tabitha Rayne, originally appeared on her website, and is also available in her latest erotic collection – Drenched. It is read here by the author herself.

The serpent is here again – pixelating and twinkling in my vision. It hatches in the centre, creating a blind spot then slithers to the outer periphery, lingering in a crescent moon.


Fishnet for him: Lingerie erotica

This fabulous lingerie erotica is written by Floss Liddell, and originally appeared on her website. It is read aloud here by Sherryl Blu

‘Lingerie is for everyone, and I think it’s about time you discovered what kind of lingerie is for you.’

Kneeling at my feet, he looks up at me, eyes wide, cock hard and while the gag between his teeth prevents him from speaking his body language is enough to let me know that on some level my plan excited him.


Demonised – Hot supernatural erotica

This supernatural erotica, by sex blogger Ella Scandal, originally appeared on her website. It is read aloud here by Leo DiLuca

She’s bound by chains made of shadow. They’re coiled around her ankles and her wrists. Twisting and intertwining, crossing over and through each other until they reach their respective rings around her collar. Holding her, grounding her, controlling her. Each link insubstantial, incorporeal. Indestructible.


Guest blog: Tit wanks helped me to love my big boobs

Strap in for this week’s amazing guest blog: Katy is here to talk about tit wanks. I want to give you a proper introduction to Katy, because she’s the awesome creator of the Sexpots Podcast, a weekly chat about all things filthy and fun in which 3 of us (Katy, Bitsy and I) pull random sex topics out of a pot and chat about our experiences with them, and play games that involve us competing to guess obscure kinks. So far we’ve covered such topics as spanking, squirting, anal and a whole host of ‘first times’. During a recent recording, one of the topics that came out of the pot was ‘tit wanks’, and Bitsy and I sat open-mouthed in awe as Katy taught us how to deliver tit wanks with joy and panache. She’s here to share with you the secret, and how tit wanks taught her to love her tits…