Guest blog: Private party

Image by the wonderful Stuart F Taylor

This week’s guest blog is a gorgeous erotic story by Kim Taylor of Mommy’s Playground – check out the site (where you’ll find plenty more erotica to read) and follow Kim on Instagram here! Sick of the hustle and bustle of a loud, drunken party, the narrator tries to find a quiet spot to go and chill out in… and comes across a gorgeous stranger who’s looking for a little fun. I really enjoyed this – and not just because I’m the kind of person who’d look for any excuse to leave the loud bits of the party and head off to a bedroom for some shagging…

Private party

The music from the party was so fucking loud, I could feel it coursing through my body. If one more drunk asshole bumped into me, spilling beer out of their cup and onto my shoes I was going to scream. I saw my escape across the room. A steep, carpeted staircase leading upstairs, to what I hoped was some peace and quiet. I pushed passed couples dry humping against the wall and drunk girls funnelling beer. I watched as one girl spit the last few gulps of Coors Light out of her mouth and onto her friend. The liquid instantly drenched her white shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples and areolas were clearly visible for all to see. She had nice tits and didn’t care. Good for her, I thought.

I finally made it to the stairs and quickly took them two at a time, hoping no one would notice my departure. At the top, I could already hear the music fading off into the background. I scanned the hallway and found a bedroom door, half opened. I entered and closed it firmly behind me. I leaned against the hardwood door and closed my eyes. I could still feel the vibration of the music pounding through the walls but at least the sound was muffled. I pushed off the door and plopped onto the bed, face down. I rested my head on my folded arms and closed my eyes.

It wasn’t long before I heard the knob on the door turn. I sat up quickly, hoping it wasn’t the homeowner pissed off that I was in their room. But instead it was an attractive brunette I didn’t remember seeing downstairs. She slammed the door shut. I don’t think she realized the room was occupied. When she turned around, she was clearly startled, jumping back slightly. Her perky tits bounced beneath her silky blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra either. Her tan, toned stomach peeked out from beneath the shirt. She wore snug white shorts. She nervously brushed her hair behind her ear.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize anyone was in here.”

I sat up. “No, it’s fine. I just needed to get away from the noise.”

Her body relaxed as she approached the bed.

“Oh my god, me too!” She sat down beside me, folding her hands in her lap. Her fingernails were perfectly manicured. I wondered if her pussy was too.

“It’s nice and quiet up here,” she said, smiling nervously in my direction.

I smiled back. “I bet if we made a little noise, no one would hear us.”

She looked confused but curious. I wasted no time in slipping her thin blouse up over her head. I was right. No bra and perfect, perky breasts. I ran my smooth palm over each one, sending blood to flow to her now erect nipples.

She giggled.

“Does that feel good?” I asked.

She nodded, biting her lower lip.

I moved onto my knees before her, taking her tiny breasts into my hands and her nipples into my mouth. I traced each one in slow, wet circles. I looked up at her. She was watching me work. My hands grasped at her round tits, bringing them closer to my face and mouth. Her hand was in my hair, encouraging me to keep going. I flicked my tongue in quick motions across her tiny nubs, in the same way I planned to work her clit.

She grabbed my face and brought it up to hers, engaging me in a long, passionate kiss. She tasted sweet, like red wine. She ran her tongue along my teeth and nibbled at my lip. I climbed on top of her, pushing her back onto the bed and straddling her. She grabbed at my hips as we slowly ground our pelvic bones together. I was getting wet. I lifted my own shirt over my head and quickly unhooked my bra, releasing my large tits. Her hands instantly reached up, cupping their fullness and tweaking my soft nipples. I slid down her body and knelt before her. I unbuttoned her shorts and with her help, pulled them down off her feet. I took her big toe in my mouth, licking and sucking on it. She let out a few soft moans before I turned my attention to her mound.

I could see a wet spot had already developed on the white fabric of her thong. I pushed on her clit with my thumb and rubbed my mouth and chin up and down her lips. She smelled sweet. She brought her feet up to rest on the edge of the bed, her knees framing out my head. I continued to tease her through her panties until she begged for more.

“Lick it. Please, lick me.”

I obeyed, sliding her panties aside and exposing her beautiful pink pussy. I was right. It was manicured just like her nails. A thin strip of brown hair led to her pleasure spot. I started with long, slow strokes of my tongue, from her honey hole up to her clit. She was drenched. I happily drank in her juices. I grabbed her legs, lifting her body up and down as I ran my tongue along each and every fold. She grabbed at her breasts, whimpering as I turned my attention to her swollen pearl. I used firm, circular motions to lick and suck her clit into my mouth, nibbling it gently between my teeth. Her eyes were closed as she focused on the pleasure.

I rested her feet back onto the mattress to free up my hands. Without breaking contact with my tongue, I gently penetrated her slippery cunt with one, then two fingers. She arched her back, accepting my entry. I started slowly, moving my fingers in and out of her wetness, still sucking on her nub. There was no longer a need for me to guide her body along my face, as she moved her own hips in unison with my movements. I let her ride my tongue and fingers. She tasted so fucking good. As she increased the movement of her body, I began to finger fuck her with more immediacy. I could feel the walls of her vagina swelling and tightening around my digits. Her pussy cream was all over my face as I furiously licked and finger fucked her. She was close.

She started to moan louder.

“You’re gonna make me cum!” She whispered despite the fact that we were alone.

I didn’t let up on her and was overcome with my own wave of pleasure as her muscles tightened, her knees slammed into the side of my head and her hands grabbed at my hair. I fucked her fast and hard with my fingers, drinking in the release of her thick, pussy juice. As her legs trembled and she released her grip on my hair, I slowly slid my fingers from inside her and gently kissed her moist lips.

She let out a giggle, squeezing her tits and staring down at me from between her spread legs. I licked her cum from my fingers and then crawled up her body, kissing her hard and long so she could taste herself on my tongue. Now it was my turn. And I was finally thankful for the loud music downstairs. I always had a hard time keeping quiet when someone was eating my pussy…


  • James says:

    Looking for a female that squirts and is into watersports and face sitting I dont care if my cock doesn’t go inside you just want to play I’m 25 and full of adventure

    • Girl on the net says:

      This ain’t the right place to look, James. Head to Fetlife or a similar site and put a little more effort in than just a list of what you want. You will probably find someone who is into what you want, but you need to do a bit more than just randomly ask it in the comment section of a sex blog.

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