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Guest blog: A quiet afternoon of tease and denial

Teasing and orgasm denial is such a deeply horny thing, and this week’s guest blog is a beautiful demonstration of why. It also has a few absolutely killer lines – you know the kind I mean, where someone says something that presses just the right sexy button and gives you that hot feeling in the pit of your stomach? Yeah, it has some of those. Be aware that it also contains pain, breath play and a little blood. When I read it the first time it made me deeply horny, and if you’re anything like me you’ll love it too – please welcome the incredible spikesandfluff, who has a tease and denial story that will make your Monday a hell of a lot hotter…


My vagina is electric – adventures with ElectraStim

“Oh Jesus fuck yeah that’s we… yeah that’s weird… and umm holy fuck. Oh God ah it actually…”

Long pause while he fucks me more, just to check his assessment is correct.

“It actually feels…”

More fucking…

“Like your cunt is…”


“…actively trying to pull my dick further in.”


Masochism: dreaming of 100 lashes

I’ve never described myself as a masochist. Masochism implies a desire for pain that is pleasure in and of itself. But I don’t get wet from pain. It isn’t the smack of someone’s hand on my naked backside that gets me hot: it’s the dirtiness, the horniness. The fact that whacking me with the flat of his palm might make his dick hard. The pain itself is a by-product. To be endured, not enjoyed.

But sometimes endurance is the whole, miserable, masochistic point.


Riding crops: tally fucking ho

WHY HAVE I NEVER WRITTEN ABOUT RIDING CROPS?! I need to rectify this immediately, because riding crops are not only super-hot, but they also represent one of my earliest sexual memories. And by that I mean there was one time I spotted a riding crop on TV and couldn’t understand why I got all the funny feelings.


Guest blog: The cane – challenge and reward

I am a total sucker for beautiful descriptions of BDSM, so when this week’s guest blogger popped up in the comments on a blog about subspace, it made me really shivery. Today he’s here to go into a bit more detail, specifically about one of the most intense kink implements: the cane.

Please welcome BibulousOne – if you’re a fan of the cane, you’ll probably have a lot in common…

Update: he now has his own sex blog, so click the link to check out more of his writing.