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First time femme domme: anticipation, pain and pleasure

This fabulous first time femme domme story is written and recorded by Robyn of RobynEatsEverything. This piece contains BDSM including impact play, nipple clamps, and a pinwheel.

As my finger hovers a centimetre away from their skin, threatening to make contact, they start to beg; they whimper and whine and plead with me to touch them. Their face is contorted, their eyes crumpled closed, as though the lack of touch is causing them excruciating pain. I study them and consider gently pushing my finger into their chest, granting them the relief they’re so desperate for, but only briefly; it is far too delicious watching them tremble and quake. As my finger continues to float its way across their naked body, closely following the contours of their chest, they let out an anguished groan as they realise they’re not going to feel it.


The Plague Doctor: a mask, a bullwhip and caring kink

This gorgeous story about caring kink and a Plague Doctor mask is written by The Queer Earthling, and read aloud here by My Wild Lens. Content note: this story features intense impact, COVID-19 mentions, D/s dynamics including “Daddy”, and medical play (kinda).

It’s my metamour’s fault, really. He’s the one who asked Damien to take a picture in their plague doctor outfit, so he could use it as a desktop wallpaper.


A maelstrom of fuck: stories are never enough

There are marks on my thighs, on my arse, on my tits, and on my brain. All of those marks will fade. I could take pictures of the first three, but I’m terrible at photos, and even my very best attempts can’t hope to capture the things I really want to remember. The ache in my limbs and the sting of the flogger and the satisfaction of being held down and fucked. The all-encompassing, electric joy of getting ruined by two people at once.

This post features BDSM and impact play, some of it quite vicious. All of it extremely consensual. I don’t know how well I have written consent into this story, because I am too busy trying to capture the things that happened, but yeah… please understand that holy shit this is all consensual-as-fuck. It was more than consensual: it was a fucking gift.


Slow burn – wax play and first time kink

This audio story is a bit of a special one, because it’s created by my site sponsor SofiaSins.com – their stories are inspired by real life events, and are narrated from the perspective of both people involved. This gorgeous tale of wax play and first time kinky fun is narrated from Mike’s perspective… Note that it includes kink, and brief use of ‘Daddy’ as an honorific.

Mike sat at the dinner table, wondering what was up with his girlfriend, Daniela. She seemed a little distracted, like she had something important on her mind. He didn’t think he’d done something to upset her, but he wasn’t sure.


I want more – hurt me and kiss me and hurt me

This glorious post is written and read by Joy As It Flies.

I want more. I want all of you, all of it. Everything you have to give, every inch of it. I want every pore, every wrinkle, every drop of sweat and tear and come. I want the hair and ink and breath of you.