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Better than a dick pic: what makes a photo sexy?

Remember those urban legends about parents who’d find cigarettes in their teenagers’ bedrooms and force them to smoke an entire packet to put themselves off forever? That’s how I feel about dick pics. I’ve seen so many of them that even the most beautiful dick, framed and shot by the world’s greatest photographer, does little for me now unless it’s attached to someone I already have a raging crush on. But recently someone sent me a different type of picture, far better than a dick pic. So hot that opening the file felt like a punch in the cunt.


It’s not weird to keep your ex’s nudes (on one condition)

If there’s one thing more fun that relationship drama on reddit, it’s having a Hot Take on relationship drama on reddit. I am obsessed with not just /r/relationship_advice but also /r/amitheasshole, not just because it’s fun to laugh at assholes but also because they sometimes throw up interesting ethical dilemmas to chew over. Today: is it weird to keep your ex’s nudes/knickers when you break up? Reddit says ‘yes’, I say ‘no’, but on one important condition…


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Sexy link roundup: Halloween hotness

This week I wanted to share a few of my favourite Halloween-themed things for your perusal. As you probably know, I am a big fan of combining spookiness and sexiness, so I am always delighted when sex bloggers manage to do that spooky/sexy combo well. Headers below are links, click through to see the posts/tweets.


Sinful Sunday: I did it! I fucking did it!